Improve Your Digestion, Ⅰ

Improve Your Digestion


In America today exists many different options of healing modalities available for the average consumer to consider. This can range from the standard allopathic medical system to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, various types of massage therapies, and much more.

All of the non-standard methods of healing seem to get grouped together under the extremely broad umbrella of Alternative Medicine. Yet, just because these varieties are grouped together under a single category does not mean that they are by any means the same. If fact, many alternative medicines have very different principles, perspectives, and approaches on healing. Some are even complete opposites of each other in their understandings and methodologies.

Did you know that alternative diets such as the Atkins Diet and the Beach Body Diet are considered to be Alternative Medicine? One Alternative Medicine diet in particular is in extreme conflict with Chinese Medicine Philosophy…that is the Raw Food Diet.

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