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Kraig’s Search for His Favorite Chinese Herbs

Ask the Herbalist - Video 1 - Kraig's Search for His Favorite Formula

Kraig is in search of his favorite Chinese Herbs (Chinese Herbal Formula) that helped him in the past but has been unable to locate for many years. Kraig has been on an incredible, difficult, but successful journey to heal his wife’s heart problems naturally.

As a result, Kraig asked Teah on Facebook if she knew anything about it. Teah will let Kraig know what she thinks this mystery formula could be, and what he might want to consider taking to find greater health, harmony, and balance today.

In answering Kraig’s question, Teah must dive into key Chinese Medicine Healing Principles. In doing so, Teah reveals health and healing approaches in balancing the mind, the Liver & Heart Organ Systems, and stress.

Below are listed formulations that are possible solutions for Kraig. We offer these solutions to Kraig, or anyone interested, in furthering their health and longevity through our scientifically advanced Chinese Herbs (Chinese Herbal Formulas). With them, we have seen a great deal of healing can be accomplished!

Free, Easy & Relaxing

Ten Treasures

Restore Tranquility

Blossoming Heart

Blood & Chi Power

Abundant Health

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