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You’re Invited! Zoom Meeting: Ask The Herbalist

Human Digestive System

As you well know, there is the greatest chasm between the biomedical and the Chinese Herbal Medicine approach to health, longevity and wellness.

We will explore these differences–especially the false idea of the quick fix and juxtapose this with the true process of healing.

Our culture has been trained to accept the idea of the quick fix [or for that matter…NO FIX policies commonly delved out] as a viable solution to solving health issue problems. Yet, in reality, the quick fix hardly ever becomes more than a band-aid solution.

What, then, is the key to true healing?

Let’s discuss this and more!

David & Teah Akrish
David & Teah Akrish, Co-Founders & Head Herbalists at Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center

You are invited to join us on exploring the ideas of true healing, especially as it pertains to Chinese Herbal Medicine.

David & Teah Akrish, co-founders of Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Herbal Center, will present these ideas, with Q&A and discussion to follow. The meeting will be recorded and posted on YouTube. FREE to attend. You are invited! We hope to see you there!

Friday, July 19th, 2024 @ 3PM MT

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