At Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center, we pride ourselves on the incredible health and healing results we offer to our valued customers. There are Keys to Success that, if utilized, enables any individual to have a successful and positive healing and balancing experience. This section is where we devote our content to this very subject. It is here to help get you started on the best footing possible–the how, why, when and much, much more. 

Who Is Heaven & Earth?

Before we get into the details about Chinese Herbal Medicine, you may want to learn more about who we are. Please click here to learn more about us, our mission and more.

What Can Chinese Herbal Medicine Help With?

There really is no limit to what the Chinese Herbal Formulas can do. Success does hinge on a couple of important factors. Before we dive into those specific factors, check out these pages of interest to begin learning more about the potential that is capable for health and healing within this truly invaluable knowledge!

There is an enormous difference between biomedical & Chinese Herbal Medicine, which can be very confusing! It can be even more confusing on exactly who and what Chinese Herbal Medicine can help in ways other modalities plainly cannot. Just who we can help? Visit this page to learn!

Many of our customers have been so enthusiastic about their success in using our services in combination with the power of Chinese Herbal Medicine that they have submitted their testimonials for us to publish on our site. Please take the time to read some of them. We have also included important case study success stories.

Why Chinese Herbal Medicine?

What makes Chinese Herbal Medicine so unique and extremely successful? What is behind its advanced science, extraordinary power and capacity to heal?

Chinese Herbal Medicine can deliver lasting results…but how exactly? Read on to learn more about the power behind this proven, scientific system.

Where Do I Start?

Like any body of knowledge with such depth, there are many places to start your journey. We also know that the main reason you are here is to specifically see how Chinese Herbal Medicine can help you! To get to the heart of the matter, start by reading our Getting Started Guide!

What If I'm Not Getting Results? How Do I Get Help?

One of the great things about Chinese Herbal Medicine is that it fully acknowledges each person as a unique individual. With this in mind, we must recognize that everyone’s experience along the healing path is just as unique. Everyone progresses at a different rate requiring different dosages and formulas. Please explore these links to begin learning about what it takes to see results.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Barriers to Achieving Success with Chinese Herbal Formulas (blog article)

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