Our Mission: Why We Have Created Heaven and Earth CMHC

Our primary mission is to responsibly and purposefully introduce the scientifically advanced knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicine to each of you as an effort to shift your mindset to the extreme health benefits awaiting you. This knowledge can greatly enhance the quality of your life and the communities you live in bringing about a higher, more complete and healthy state of mind and body.

We seek to guide you, the individual, into a healthier state of being through Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and treatment methods. This may enable you to fulfill your life purpose by acting upon your personal talents with the wonderful freedom that great health affords you. We support and empower each of you through the education and the understanding of your emotional state and physical well-being. We believe that this can help you to move forward with making necessary changes through the utilization of our Chinese Herbal Therapies. 

It is our truest intent is to be a source of strength, quality and clarity in the field of Chinese Herbal Medicine.  

Our Goals: What’s On The Horizon

Our vision is one of a complete Chinese Medicine Healing Center, leading the way as an authority on health, Chinese diagnostics and healing through Chinese Herbal Formulas. We seek to raise the standard of your life through the passing on of our knowledge, high values, compassion, wisdom, experience, support and the commitment to the truth.

We strive to be a flowing resource of Chinese Medicine knowledge, helping those of you who have not found the clarity necessary on how diseases occurs and how to approach it with Chinese Herbal Formulas. Our goal is to always offer both in-depth education and scientifically advanced H&E CMHC  Formulations on our website creating healthier lifestyle decisions and a path to healing and longevity. 

Our Values: Who We Are

The values and principles that guide our thoughts and actions are:

  • Kindness and Respect
  • Choice and Accountability
  • Truth, Awareness and Education
  • The Ability to Change Promoting Growth
  • Wisdom
  • Commitment  to the Highest Quality of Customer Service 
  • Health in Natural Living and Healing

Our Business Philosophy: How We Intend To Achieve Our Goals

Our business philosophy is built upon our values. We plan to achieve success through action upon our values. Kindness and respect to all regardless of species, race, gender, nationality, lifestyle, history, choices, “class” status, political, spiritual or religious beliefs, level of growth, food chain rank or any other defining characteristic that is different from our own.

We celebrate all diversity in our world community and acknowledge the value in each of our different roles. Through truth, awareness and education by teaching you, our valued customer about Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, Chinese Medicine Patterns, Chinese herbal Formulas and how your body works through life’s many different growing experiences.

The highest quality of service by offering affordable products and services in which you, the valued customer client can follow the prescribed course of action without financial burden. Commitment to your best interest as you go through the healing process and seek aid in sustaining and continually improving the quality of your life.

Our Environmental Commitment and Ethics: How We Treat One Of Our Greatest Treasures

Just as Traditional Chinese Medicine is holistic in treating the whole person, we acknowledge that the individual is an extension of the planet, interconnected within a dynamic interdependent ecosystem. We pledge in order to preserve this important relationship to use materials that are “earth friendly” drawing upon our environmental resources as little as humanly possible. We will continue to teach of the Earth’s natural ways and to the importance what she has to offer all of us in the promotion of health.

About The Founders

David Akrish has been studying the complex workings of the human body from both the Eastern and Western perspective since the age of seven. Given his unique training in both view points, he is capable of understanding the allopathic ways while integrating his depth of Chinese Medicine knowledge into the healing center.

Due to his successful career as a firefighter and rural and inner-city paramedic, David has an in-depth working knowledge of Western Medicine which started in his mid-twenties. He has worked in the emergency medical field for approximately 15 years helping thousands of patients deal with many problems from severe trauma, to multiple medical illnesses, gaining an excellent reputation in the field of emergency medicine.

Yet, as a true believer of the Traditional Chinese ways, David has decided to completely dedicate his extensive healing abilities to the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. David continues to devote his life to the study and furthering of Chinese Herbal Formulas to help all living entities cultivate a higher life force.

David began his journey into the esoteric views of Chinese health and healing when he took his first martial art class at the age of seven. This coincides with his long family history of Chinese and Tibetin Medicine passed down to him. He is also the recipient of private, closed door sessions with various Chinese Herbal Masters.

David has studied and mastered many different styles of martial arts and has taught numerous students both private and through his own schools. He has extensively studied the Chinese and Filipino Martial Arts Systems bringing him more aware of the processes of Chi and laying his foundation as a healer in these unique methods by his early twenties.

His study of Chinese Herbal Formulas goes back to his teens in which he has added upon greatly with the study of the internal arts. Studying with the Institute of Chinese Herbology and opening his own successful private practice with his wife, Teah, David has continued to further his own knowledge in this scientifically advanced healing method.

As a practitioner, David eagerly teaches his clients about the special workings of TCM. Listening carefully and engaging the client in a very friendly conversation-like atmosphere, he is able to assess the unique health patterns of that individual. With his kindness and humor, he is able to open up doors of healing, giving him the unique ability to see the truth of any matter, making him a very accurate and successful healer in all aspects of life.

Teah Akrish has had many opportunities through out her life to learn about health with its many different points of view. When she was a young girl, her father was diagnosed with kidney failure and was immediately put on dialysis.

Throughout the progression of her father’s disease, she witnessed new methods of healing as he sought alternative ways to aid in his treatment. This is when she began her study of the Chinese Philosophy of healing. When Teah herself, came down with a chronic illness in her early adulthood, Western doctors could not help with it at all. She decided to see a Master Chinese Herbalist who cured her ailments within two weeks! From there it has been her passion to understand, practice and teach about this scientifically advanced system of health and healing. 

Teah is a talented practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She encompasses within her being an inherent understanding of this natural healing method which is probably why she was drawn to it at such an early age. With her ability to acknowledge small shifts in a persons state of existence and paired with an innate understanding of human and natural processes, comes a powerful resource of healing knowledge. During the consultation process with a client, she is kind, attentive and thoughtful; focusing solely on the needs of the client.

With a firm education in Traditional Chinese Herbalism having studied with the Institute of Chinese Herbology, she continues to devote much of her time to the study and practice of Chinese Medical Philosophies and Methodologies. Teah is diligently purifying her own being through meditation, Chinese Herbal Formulas and the practice of Chinese and Filipino Martial Arts. These practices result in a continual refinement of her mental and emotional states by making her aware of the subtle processes in her body that contribute to health, disease and healing. For Teah, the Chinese Medicine Philosophy and healing methods are not just a means of business, but a way of life.

Teah is a co-founder with her partner and soul mate, David Akrish. Through Heaven and Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center they proudly offer many different programs and products to accomplish their vision.