Success Stories

Many of our customers have been so enthusiastic about their success in using our services in combination with the power of Chinese Herbal Medicine, that they have submitted their testimonials to us for publishing on our site. We have also included important, case study, success stories.

PRAISES for My Daughters Health!!!!

Dear David,
Thank you for my transformed daughter’s health! I am truly amazed by her life saving recovery. It has been 1 year this month, from Aug. 2010 to Aug. 2011 that my daughter made the decision to change her health and diet after consulting with you. It was slow at first and difficult at times but she has transformed herself into a vital energetic young adult. Her overall personality and vitality has finally bloomed after being suppressed for a very long time due to her poor health. I believe that had she not chose to commit to this plan for health that she would have indeed suffered a long and difficult battle with her health for the rest of her life. I have been witness to her transformation of drastically changing her diet to one of good food choices and healthy habits. To see a young adult actually have concern about their diet and lifestyle habits, in this time we live in, is really amazing! She still has ups and downs but nothing like they used be. Finally at 20 years old she is behaving like a young adult should, having excitement for her future and energy to join in on activities with her friends and family. Everyone around her has noticed a change in her, commenting on a more positive attitude and cheerfulness about her. They just see the change, but as for me, her mom, I know from the depth she came and the huge changes she has made. I am so proud of her perseverance and strength. I am so very thankful for your knowledge and by the grace of God that we found our way to you! It has changed our lives forever.
Thank you and God Bless you and your family, Shelley H.

Chinese Medicine Treatment at Heaven and Earth has helped my health

Chinese Medicine Treatment at Heaven and Earth has helped my health and given me insight into how my emotions have harmed my body. Thanks to Heaven and Earth, and Teah and David’s insight, I have taken great strides in stopping the harmful cycle I was on. I have stopped harboring negative feelings, and am working on expressing my needs and desires. I have noticed by strengthening my organs, it is much easier for me to let go of these feelings. Now I’m on an up-ward spiral! Thanks!

Cold Be Gone!

I ordered Friday night and received it Monday. Thank you for prompt service! I had been sick for two weeks with a bad flu that wouldn’t let go. Just finished the last of my tea and see the results already. Tastes bad – works good. And you can quote me! Thanks!


Hi David,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I was house sitting in Kirkland and had no computer. Last night my computer at home didn’t work and tonight I had back to school night and the good news the home computing is working.

I cannot believe the Chinese Herbs you gave me for the cold within two hours of the first cup I was beginning to feel uncongested. I was less and less congested by Monday. I was able to teach, I still had a bit of the bug in my system but not running in the nose and I could breathe. Thank you. I have never had my usual fall sinus infection go away as quick and not linger for weeks.

Hurray for the miracle food that our great God has given to us. Thanks for bringing them to us through your studies.



Dear David and Teah,

I’m writing this endorsement for your Traditional Chinese Medicine to let you know how it has changed my life for the better. And has it ever…!! I started using Chinese Herbs about three months ago after an initial consult at Ballard Farmers Market. I’ve been using the herbs regularly since with phenomenal and exceptional results! You’ve been the catalyst in my self-imposed program of self-improvement. I have come into contact of other spiritual practitioners that were able to further my self-improvement. Because of the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Herbs, you would often identify unresolved issues and show how it affected my physical health. These issues became my ‘home-work’. I believe I’ve come a long ways by concentrating on my ‘home-work.’ I realize that I found you at a time when I was really ready and willing to address all my health issues. I’ve succeeded in losing much of my excess heat, my tongue-appearance has greatly improved and my energy-level is increased and my health feels clearer. I’m so pleased to be on this path to wellness. You are so helpful and accommodating. I know you genuinely care about my well-being. I feel privileged to be part of you clientele.

Energy and Motivation!

Follow up…I have more energy than I think I’ve ever had (that wasn’t drug induced). In two weeks I’ve only taken two daytime naps, and I felt refreshed when I woke up. With my new found energy has come mental clarity and motivation. My face is still breaking out, however, the redness has calmed, it’s not as painful, and my skin feels softer. Not that you want to know this, but I have had the worst gas since I started…is this going to go away?!… soon?! My moods used to lean towards depression, but for the most part I feel positive and happy. Every once and a while I notice myself getting angry very easily, but I am usually able to calm myself down just as quickly. I think that takes care of the major points from the consult. Thanks again for all your help.


Feeling Better!

Hello there!

I had a feeling you might write today! Actually, I’m doing fine. I’ve been regularly taking the tea every day, and I feel improvement already. Of course I take the pills at the same time. Thank you for checking in! I’m actually noticing a lot of better feelings.

I hope you’re doing well also!