Welcome to our Chinese Herbal Solutions Guide! Our online store is extensive–and for that reason, we have created this guide. We want to assist you in finding the best solution for your health needs, benefiting from everything that Chinese Herbal Medicine has to offer!

In this guide, we have listed our most basic categories to help simplify your options on where to begin your research. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this guide and if it has helped you in starting your research.

Some of you are only looking for teapills or capsules for ease and convenience, where others cannot swallow them and need their Chinese Herbal Formulas in a powder form to create a tea. If you are one of these people who is particular about what form your Chinese Herbal Formulas come in, then you may want to start here. Whatever your preference may be, whether it be instant teas, capsules, tablets or powder, start filtering your search here: Click Here.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD! Over this vast amount of time, common combinations of Chinese Herbs have been given specific names creating a formulation. Doing so greatly simplifies the process of creating and purchasing Chinese Herbal Formulas. If you know what formulation you want–whether you have an English or Chinese Name (in Pin Yin)–start here.

We have a large listing of the most common Chinese Herbal Formulations. We also have special categories for each of these formulations, where we group together brands that have all created the “same” formula–or at least, formulas that all go by the same name. Even when the formulas are named the same, brands will often change the formulation slightly to distinguish themselves from other, competing brands.

For instance, our Heaven & Earth CMHC Formulations are usually quite different from the standard base formula (we do so because we feel that it is crucial to modernizing our products to fit the modern era). We often give it a familiar name to help you understand its function, all the while conveying that we have an improved and more potent product.

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  1. Hi Denise, we will contact you by email! Thanks for writing! -Teah

  2. Denise Higby says:

    Hope you are well, I’m looking for support for urinary incontinence issues. There are medications that can help the bladder wall relax and not be so cranky but wow, the side effects of dry mouth and those you can’t see are just awful.
    Thanks for any ideas or products to help!!

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