Cooking Directions

  1. Add one teaspoon of Heaven & Earth CMHC Herbal Powder to 12 ounces of water, bring to high boil, turn down to simmer or off for desired concentration. Keep a watchful eye!! 
  2. You can also high boil the water first and then add herbal powder, let sit to cool down and consume. This is called a Draft.
  3. NOTE- Each of you will have a different sensitivity & response level. We suggest you start with a low dose for a few days and titrate up from there.
  4. After cooking you can choose to either filter the decoction through a fine [tea-type] strainer before consuming or drink the decoction unfiltered. The cooked, powdered herbs are safe and edible to ingest.
  5. If you do not drink the entire decoction in one sitting, you should refrigerate it for later use. Please always warm the decoction before ingesting; do not drink it cold out of the refrigerator!


Tips & Cautions

  1. When ingesting the decoction, you may sip on a separate cup of water to clear your palate if the flavor is too unfamiliar.
  2. Cold & flu formulas can be taken every 4-6 hours and should be finished, even if the symptoms have been alleviated.
  3. Alcohol should be avoided for at least 12 hours [minimum] while ingesting the formulas.
  4. Do not take formulas during menstrual cycles unless instructed by your Chinese Herbalist.
  5. If possible, avoid aluminum pots when cooking your decoction.

The instant tea concentrates can be taken during the day or after dinner as a nice way to take a break and ingest something good for you!

One to two packets a day is a good dose while on the H&E CMHC Herbal Health Packages.

A good example would be to add a packet of one of the tea concentrates to your water while working out at the gym or dojo. These instant tea concentrates are both convenient and powerful formulas that are an essential part of balancing, harmonizing and enhancing your blood, qi, digestion, immune and organ systems.

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