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Chinese Herbal Medicine is THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD! Over this vast amount of time, common combinations of Chinese Herbs have been given specific names creating a formulation.

For instance, one of the most famous, oldest (and even fundamental) combinations is a formula called The Four Gentlemen (Si Jun Zi Tang, Wan or San), which is, as I’m sure you’ve guessed it, comprised of four very special Chinese Herbs that are known to give your digestion, metabolism and energy a big boost! What you may not know is that this specific combination of Chinese Herbs is sold in a couple of different ways.



These classic formulations are called “patented formulas”. There are many different brands selling Chinese Herbal Patented Formulations. From Min Shan, to Plum Flower, to our Heaven & Earth CMHC Brand… and much more, you will see many references to these classic formulations that often go by their Chinese name written in Pin Yin (English letters used to convey Chinese phonetics and tones).

A prime example is the Four Gentlemen Formula that we mentioned above. Its Chinese name, written in Pin Yin, is: Si Jun Zi. The words, Tang, Wan and San are all words to convey the FORMAT that the formulations are being created in. Specifically they are: concoction, teapill and powder respectively.


Hidden Within

Smaller formulations like The Four Gentlemen, The Four Substance, the Er Chen Combination (Two Old Medicine—which is actually another four Chinese Herbs, unlike what is depicted by the name) and many, many more, are all FREQUENTLY used as a base formulation for other—though just as common and popular—formulations that are much more complex. It is for this reason, that at Heaven and Earth CMHC, we call these base combinations: foundational formulations.

When creating new formulas for our current times, Heaven and Earth CMHC Formulations are given new and appropriate names. These new formulations are carefully and expertly designed for the modern and complex person, commonly found to have numerous and mixed Chinese Medicine Patterns. This ability to create and offer new and up-to-date formulations sets Heaven and Earth CMHC apart from the rest! Complex Chinese Medicine Patterns requires mirrored formulations to address these Chinese Medicine Patterns.

Now, for example, we mention three well-known Chinese Herbal Formulations above, using their most popular names:

  1. The Four Gentlemen Combination (Si Jun Zi or Si Junzi)
  2. The Four Substance Combination (Si Wu)
  3. Er Chen Combination (Two Old Medicine)

Would it surprise you to learn that these formulas are often used together!

For instance, when you combine The Four Gentlemen with The Four Substance you create The Eight Treasures Formula.

When you combine The Four Gentlemen with Er Chen Combination you create The Six Gentlemen (Liu Jun Zi) OR technically the Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi formulation (also known as the Six Gentlemen Plus).

Also, it would not be at all uncommon for a Chinese Herbalist to customize a formulation for an individual which would have components of all these formulations. The Chinese Herbalist may use all the Chinese Herbs from these formulations, substitute herbs that have the same primary functions but different secondary and tertiary functions that are more suited to that individual’s needs and goals, or even remove two or three herbs to emphasize and strengthen the functions of the other herbs kept in their formulation. This is an outstanding key benefit with Chinese Herbal Medicine.

At Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center, we take great pride in offering the BEST of what Chinese Herbal Medicine has to offer! We offer pertinent information to provide understanding, assistance and clarity along your healing journey along with scientifically advanced Chinese Herbal Formulations truly designed for the modern person of today to assist with both subtle and not-so-subtle health issues.

Below you will find two sub-sections—English Names & Chinese Names—of these classic “Patented Formulations”, some with histories dating thousands of years! If you have a favorite Chinese Herbal Formula, please find it below and learn more about it along with popular brands and variations of it available to you!

Thank you!

Product Name Guide Index

Chinese Names (Alphabetically In Pin Yin)Associated English Name
An ShuiPeaceful Sleep
Ba Zhen (& the very popular variation called Nu Ke Ba Zhen)Eight Treasure OR Women’s Precious
Bi Yan PianSinus Infection & Headache Pills
Bu Zhong Yi QiCentral Chi -or- Tonify the Middle & Benefit Chi
Ding ChuanClear Mountain Air -or- Arrest Wheezing
Er ChenTwo Old Medicines -or- Two Cured -or- Citrus & Pinellia
Gui PiRestore the Spleen -or- Return Spleen -or- Ginseng & Longan
Jin Gui Shen Qi (AKA Ba Wei Di Huang)Golden Book -or- Eight Herbs Healed By Rehmannia -or- Rehmannia Eight
Jin Gu Die ShangGreat Mender
Kai KitProstate Support -or- Jie Jie -or- Qian Lie Xian
Kang NingCuring Pills
Li DanBenefit Gall Bladder
Liang GeCool Valley -or- Cool the Diaphragm
Liu Jun Zi (& the very poplular variation called Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi)Six Gentlemen (Regular & Plus)
Liu Wei Di HuangSix Flavor
Long Dan Xie GanGentiana Drain the Liver Pills
Pe Min KanNasal Allergy
Qi Bao Mei RanSeven Treasures for Hair
Shen Tong Zhu YuGreat Invigorator
Shi Chuan Da BuTen Flavor
Si Jun ZiFour Gentlemen
Si WuFour Substance
Si NiFrigid Extremities -or- Four Pillars
Tian Ma Gou TengGastrodia Uncaria
Tian Wang Bu XinEmperor’s -or- Emperor of Heaven -or-Heavenly King Tonify the Heart
Wu HuaFive Flower
Wu Zi Yan ZongFive Ancestor
Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi (See Liu Jun Zi Above)Saussurea & Cardamon (& The Six Gentlemen Formula)
XiaoYao (& the very popular variation called Jia Wei Xiao Yao)Free & Easy Wanderer (Regular & Plus)
Yu Ping FengJade Screen
Zhi Bai Di Huang (popular variation of the Liu Wei Di Huang)Eight Flavor

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