In an era of complex and complicated, multi-layered Chinese Medicine Patterns, we at Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center continue to develop even more advanced formulations to meet the needs of the modern day person.

We welcome you to Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center where you will find cutting edge Chinese Herbal Formulas and vital information on the subject of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We specialize in the advanced science of creating Chinese Herbal Formulas derived strictly from powerful Chinese Herbs which is truly a wonderful and safe means of benefiting your health and longevity.

For some of you, Chinese Herbal Medicine is nothing new. You may already be benefiting from the wonders of Chinese Herbal Formulas. We also understand that for others this may be the first time being introduced to Chinese Herbal Medicine and the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We have found the best way to become more comfortable with taking Chinese Herbal Formulas is to spend plenty of time researching how and why they work so well. We suggest that you fully explore our website and becoming familiar with different Chinese Herbal Formulas, Chinese Medicine Patterns and Daily Disharmonies by researching our Chinese Medicine Search. Some of you may need to take more than one Chinese Herbal Formula based on the listed bullet points [daily disharmonies] associated with each product.

There are two main ideas why Chinese Herbal Medicine is so widely effective in causing positive health changes. The first is in its unique, in-depth understanding and mapping of your body in both health and illness. Through the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the root of disease becomes much easier to identify, bringing about a fresh perspective and approach to resolving numerous health issues. Traditional Chinese Medicine consolidates all ailments back to your Five Main Organ Systems which can be found within our Body Guide. They are your: Spleen Organ System, Liver Organ System, Kidney Organ System, Heart Organ System and your Lung Organ System. Each of these five organ systems has a specific internal, interrelation function. The understanding of how they interrelate to each other is the true key to proper diagnostics and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s success.

Secondly, Traditional Chinese Medicine works by developing what we call Chinese Medicine Patterns which is a description of your internal organ systems’ environmental state. For instance, Spleen Wetness. A Chinese Medicine Pattern can also describe an interrelationship between your organ systems, such as the Liver Invading the Spleen. A Chinese Medicine Pattern is developed by combining three or more daily disharmonies, such as a weak digestion, low energy and over-thinking.

Now, let’s explore why Chinese Herbal Medicine works so well.

The essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine lies in the establishment of your Chinese Medicine Patterns. This is essential! Then you can start to address them by ingesting the proper of Chinese Herbal Formulas.

Chinese Herbal Formulas have been developed and refined over hundreds, some even thousands of years. These formulations, with their unique and brilliantly thought-out combinations, have the flexibility to address one or more Chinese Medicine Pattern at a time. There is an ancient Chinese saying that states, “One Chinese Herbal Formula can treat 1,000 diseases, and it may take 1,000 Chinese Herbal Formulas to treat one disease”

Regardless of where you are along your journey to health and longevity with our Chinese Herbal Formulas, we welcome you and are here to assist you, your loved ones, and your pets unique journey. And as always, your health is our passion!