Kraig’s Search for His Favorite Chinese Herbs

Ask the Herbalist - Video 1 - Kraig's Search for His Favorite Formula

Kraig is in search of his favorite Chinese Herbs (Chinese Herbal Formula) that helped him in the past but has been unable to locate for many years. Kraig has been on an incredible, difficult, but successful journey to heal his wife’s heart problems naturally. As a result, Kraig asked Teah on Facebook if she knew…read more

The Chinese Pig & Health

2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig! The pig is the twelfth animal of the Chinese Zodiac. There are Five Elements associated with the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Medicine. They are: Earth Metal Fire Wood Water Every 12 years a new element is associated with a specific animal. This means that every 60 years…read more

Our New Year’s Resolutions

Our New Year’s Resolutions To You! Ⅰ: Happy New Year! We hope that 2017 was a great year for you and that 2018 will be even better! Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Are you one who loves resolutions, and looks forward to a fresh start every January 1st? Or are you one who…read more

Barriers To Achieving Success, Ⅰ

Barriers To Achieving Success Ⅰ: With Chinese Herbal Formulas At Heaven & Earth CMHC we usually write about the numerous positive health results found with Chinese Herbal Medicine. This has been a great way to share, inform and hopefully help you understand this, for many, complex subject. Many times we include important success stories in our writings so…read more

History of Medicine in America, Ⅰ

History of Medicine in America Ⅰ: A Battle of Ideas Two Worlds of Thought Clash, Yet Ultimately Come Full Circle and Return To Their Roots You’ve all heard the quote from Winston Churchill: “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” Churchill’s wisdom conveys not just the importance of learning from…read more

Improve Your Digestion By NOT DOING This One, FREE, Easy Thing!

Improve Your Digestion By NOT DOING This ONE…EASY…FREE THING The average consumer in America today, in their quest for better health, has many varying options of healing modalities at their disposal.   These options range from the standard Allopathic medical system and Western supplements to therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, an array of massage therapies,…read more

Taking Chinese Herbs Everyday, Ⅰ

Taking Chinese Herbs Everyday Ⅰ: Why it’s Important What? Taking Chinese Herbal Formulas every single day! Really? Yes, you can and should take Chinese Herbal Formulas every single day! Just like it’s recommended to eat healthy, get adequate sleep and workout daily, Chinese Herbal Formulas should be a part of your daily health regimen. Does this mean you’re sick all the time? No! All too…read more

Constitutional Tendencies & You, Ⅰ

Constitutional Tendencies & You Ⅰ: Your Unique Traits What traits might you possess that makes you unique? Are you the quiet and reserved introvert?  Or are you the outgoing and expressive extrovert?  Perhaps you are a person who is a nurturer, taking great care of those whom you love.  Do you often forget about yourself? …read more

Loose, Bloody Stools, Ⅰ

Loose, Bloody Stools Ⅰ: Questions and Answers for Natural Remedies When people come to us seeking answers to the complex questions of healing, we do our best to try and both clarify the process of healing, as well as provide clear and cogent answers. Most of the time a person will approach us wanting to…read more

Your Pets’ Health This Summer, Ⅰ

An Urgent & Important Message for Your Pets’ Health This Summer Ⅰ: Keeping Cool This spring started out warm and it has stayed that way all the way through mid-summer. This is becoming common place for the great northwest in which our business is located. If you’re experiencing an especially warm summer this year as…read more

“Acute” Formulas, Ⅰ

“Acute” Formulas Ⅰ: Can They Be Taken Long Term? Can Specialized Formulas For Acute Problems be Taken Long-Term? Have you ever taken Pe Min Kan Wan, Super Sinus Capsules (Bi Yan Pian) or Magnolia Flower Teapills for acute sinus pain and congestion? What about The Snake & The Dragon Teapills (based off of the traditional formula called Long Dan Xie Gan Wan) or our Heaven &…read more

The Freedom to Choose Alternative Medicine

The Freedom to Choose Alternative Medicine The Importance of Chinese Medicine Pattern Discernment Despite the FDA’s disapproval, in 1994 Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). Congress hoped that in passing this act, they would help relieve the increasing pressure that rapidly inflating medical costs was inflicting upon the American economy. The…read more

The Empirical Formula Creation Process, Ⅰ

The Empirical Formula Creation Process Ⅰ: Where to Start? There are an infinite number of possible Chinese Herbal combinations and as your Chinese Medicine Patterns change, the formulation may also change…or not. It is not always necessary to change the formula. When catering to an individuals needs through out the healing process, adding or removing…read more

Exploring Free & Easy Wanderer, Ⅰ

Exploring Free & Easy Wanderer Ⅰ: Revealing the Internal Science One of the most popularly prescribed and sought after Chinese Herbal products is Plum Flower’s Free and Easy Wanderer Teapills. It also comes in another variation, equally as popular if not more so, known as Free and Easy Wanderer Plus. Both of these products are…read more

Formula Focus: Ba Ji Yin Yang Wan, Ⅰ

Formula Focus: Ba Ji Yin Yang Wan Ⅰ: Kidney Organ System When we write about your Kidney Organ System we are referring to both internal processes of your body and to the actual physical, kidney organ area [your lower back]. This area extends all the way downward to the end of your toes. For instance,…read more

Living A Balanced Life, Ⅰ

Living A Balanced Life Ⅰ: Fantasy or Reality? The Correct Way of Life: Lost… & Never To Be Found?  One of the oldest, most studied and revered medical texts in the entire world is The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. It starts out by addressing the indispensable key to health and healing: Balance. To…read more

Health Cultivation, Ⅰ

Health Cultivation Ⅰ: The Heart & Soul of Preventative Medicine The contrasting ideas and definitions of health between the East and the West could not be further apart.  In the West, health is often thought of as something attained through physical exercise and a proper diet. In fact, many people may not even adhere to…read more

Damp Heat, Ⅰ

Damp Heat Ⅰ: Difficult Pattern to Resolve With Chinese Herbal Medicine, we will refer to your body in terms of different environmental states. When out of balance, how these environmental states can engender, hinder or destroy a healthy state of being. We can relate these environmental states to specific Chinese Medicine Patterns of imbalance.  Today…read more

Chai Hu Bupleurum Root, Ⅰ

Chai Hu Bupleurum Root Ⅰ: In-depth Scientific Analysis In this day and age, where extreme stress is one of the more common experiences of life, we are fortunate to have the advanced knowledge that the current level of science and technology can give us. We can now add this knowledge to the accumulated research of…read more

Your Pet’s Health & Chinese Herbal Powders, Ⅰ

Your Pet’s Health & Chinese Herbal Powders Ⅰ: Chinese Medicine Patterns in Pets Dogs are such an integral part of so many of our lives. Everywhere you look there seems to be a dog connected to their loving family member. We have had numerous cases involving pet health issues over the span of decades. This…read more

Change Is Inevitable, Ⅰ

Change is Inevitable Ⅰ: Chinese Medicine Patterns If you have read any of our previous articles, you’ve probably noticed we write a lot about various Chinese Medicine Patterns.  Since the patterns are the cornerstone of Chinese Medicine, this is meant to bring more clarity and understanding with the unique thought processes behind how they are…read more

Get Ready For Spring, Ⅰ

Get Ready For Spring! Ⅰ: Are you ready for spring? Have you noticed some odd sensations happening within your body recently? From about March 7 to March 21 there is a seasonal transitional phase, moving from winter to spring. Many of our customers, perhaps even you, may not know that your body goes through very…read more

New Perspective, New Opportunities, Ⅰ

New Perspective, New Opportunities! Ⅰ: Introduction When an average person decides on considering the completely new option of healing through Chinese Herbal Medicine, one of the biggest barriers that they will likely face is its very different views and understanding of their body.  This will include new and quite foreign terminology.  Take for instance the…read more

Herbal Medicine Cabinet, Ⅰ

Herbal Medicine Cabinet Ⅰ: What’s In Your Herbal Medicine Cabinet? Do you seek out all-natural products from the food you eat to your medicinal needs? If the answer is yes, you should also consider seeking out new solutions as you build your natural, herbal medicine cabinet to treat common colds, coughs, headaches, food poisoning and…read more

#1 Immune Boosting Chinese Herb Analyzed, Ⅰ

Truly Amazing! The Active Ingredients of #1 Immune Boosting Chinese Herb Analyzed Ⅰ: Introduction and Background We are taking a look at a Chinese Herb that is known as the leader among all of the Chinese Herbs. This, and all Chinese Herbs are named and defined by the roles they fulfill in relation to one another when being…read more