Our New Year’s Resolutions To You!

Happy New Year! We hope that 2017 was a great year for you and that 2018 will be even better! Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Are you one who loves resolutions, and looks forward to a fresh start every January 1st? Or are you one who doesn’t believe in them, and opts for…read more

The Algorithm Trilogy

We at Heaven & Earth CMHC have always tried, to the best of our abilities, to break down and clarify the complexity of Chinese Medicine as a means to allow you greater insight and understanding on how Chinese Medicine can best benefit your personal level of health. There are many models of conveying information. I feel that creating a…read more

Are You On the Correct Chinese Herbal Formulas?

The Strategy Correct Chinese Herbal Formula Strategy This leads us to the next section of The Barriers To Achieving Success series with Chinese Herbal Medicine. The importance of a proper Chinese Medicine Diagnosis is essential for two main reasons. The first is that you need to know your own, personal Chinese Medicine Patterns to determine a correct long-term Chinese Herbal Formula Strategy. Secondly, and equally as important as…read more

Beginning The Process of Breaching The Barriers – Chinese Medicine Patterns

First of all, in regards to Chinese Medicine, the most important knowledge you can ever have is a diagnosis of your personal, Chinese Medicine Patterns. This would equally include the importance of how of they are inter-relate to each other.  Your personal, Chinese Medicine Patterns are built upon a collection of Daily Disharmonies. For instance, if you have dry hair, a weak…read more

Barriers To Achieving Success With Chinese Herbal Formulas – Part I

At Heaven & Earth CMHC we usually write about the numerous positive health results found with Chinese Herbal Medicine. This has been a great way to share, inform and hopefully help you understand this, for many, complex subject. Many times we include important success stories in our writings so that you may hopefully see yourself gaining the…read more


Let’s look back to the beginning of this article at that quote from the great Abraham Lincoln. This time let’s consider what he’s saying in the context of what we have just learned regarding medicine in America. “Human nature will not change. In any future great national trial, compared with the men of this (the…read more

Key Events in Legislation

Cochran was able to get a majority of physicians elected to the Alabama State legislature, and from there was able to pass a law that made the former guild known as the Alabama Medical Association into a branch of the state government with the power to regulate all things pertaining to medicine.This was on Feburary…read more

A New Strategy

In 1889, Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University and one of four founding professors of John Hopkins Hospital, Sir William Osler wrote in the JAMA that all physicians, whether regular, eclectic, or homeopathic, stand equal in the eyes of the law and that “if we wish legislation for the protection of the public, we…read more

Differing Opinions

Despite the diverse marketplace being considered an ideal environment for healing opportunities by the public at large, there will always be opposing views in America that will flourish. This is without a doubt one of the many defining characteristics of America that makes it great! Among dissenters of the free marketplace of medicine were many…read more

An American Perspective

By the time of the mid 1800s, there were three main branches of medicine. Regular Medicine, now commonly known as “Orthodox Medicine”, Eclectic Medicine and Homeopathy. Eclectic medical doctors, the evolution of Thomsonian medicine, had gained more popularity and comprised a minority of 12% of the population of medical doctors. We can name them as…read more

The Early Years

From the pivotal year of our nation’s birth in 1776 through the 1800s was a time of great diversity of medicine in America. This diversity was cherished by Americans. In the early 1800s Americans remembered the price of freedom and desired a free medical marketplace where a practitioner’s ability to heal was proven by reputation…read more

How to Learn from the Past

How then, could each of you reading this article right now, benefit by learning from our nation’s past in the context of the history of medicine? What could the history of medicine in America reveal about human nature that may then help each of you reading this article make a better and more informed decision…read more

The History of Medicine in America: A Battle of Ideas

Two Worlds of Thought Clash, Yet Ultimately Come Full Circle and Return To Their Roots You’ve all heard the quote from Winston Churchill: “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” Churchill’s wisdom conveys not just the importance of learning from history, but the urgent need to do so. It is…read more

The Heart of the Matter

In Chinese Medicine, it is acknowledged that any food or beverage that is either literally cold, or cold in nature, will damage this vital middle fire. Per the example above, imagine you are cooking a hot soup in a stock pot. Imagine that once you get the soup to the critical temperature where you are…read more

A Comparative View

A foundational principle with Chinese Medicine is to protect and preserve your digestive system. The importance of your digestive system’s health cannot be understated. It is the gateway by which all healing of your body must disseminate through. The complex chemical nature of your human body is intrinsically dependent upon its digestive ability to extract…read more

Improve Your Digestion By NOT DOING This ONE…EASY…FREE THING

In America today exists many different options of healing modalities available for the average consumer to consider. This can range from the standard allopathic medical system to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, various types of massage therapies, and much more. All of the non-standard methods of healing seem to get grouped together under the extremely broad…read more


In conclusion, to preserve and protect a healthy digestion be aware of how cold foods like iced beverages, cold desserts and raw vegetables are affecting your body. If at all possible, avoiding these foods can do a lot of good to promote proper digestive health and function. Instead of eating vegetables or fruits raw, steam…read more

To Your Health

Chinese Herbal Formulas are a very important part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle! Many of you can attest to this after starting a Chinese Herbal Formula Program. This is often the case when you’ve literally been at the end of your rope with severe, personal health issues or maybe you have tried numerous, other…read more

A Personalized Focus -Unraveling The Complex

At Heaven and Earth CMHC many of our customers will find, or contact us after they’ve visited or worked with other modalities desperately in search of health issue answers. Many times their health issues are severe and no one up this point has truly come up with a clear reason for their condition. For this…read more

Taking Chinese Herbs Seasonally

Another great way to take Chinese Herbal Formulas is based on the yearly seasons. That would be Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall & Winter. Wait a minute, did I just add a 5th season in there? I certainly did. Chinese Medicine recognizes the transitional time between Summer and Fall as Late Summer. It has a character of…read more

Constitutional Tendencies & You – Part II

One great approach in integrating daily Chinese herbal therapy into your life, is to focus on your common constitutional issues. For instance, in Chinese Medicine methodology there are numerous Chinese Medicine Patterns. By understanding your more basic tendencies, you can consistently nurture those points, bringing you back into consistent and continual balance. For instance, what…read more

The Importance of Taking Chinese Herbs Everyday

What? Taking Chinese Herbal Formulas every single day! Really? Yes, you can and should take Chinese Herbal Formulas every single day! Just like it’s recommended to eat healthy, get adequate sleep and workout daily, Chinese Herbal Formulas should be a part of your daily health regimen. Does this mean you’re sick all the time? No! All too often, many of you have been conditioned to…read more

Constitutional Tendencies & You – Part IV

Our final section on the Constitutional Tendencies & You reveals an inner focus of The Four Deficiencies based on Chinese Medicine Methodologies. These are the four cornerstones that directly make up your constitutional tendencies. Recognizing a deficiency with one, or all of them, and then taking the appropriate H&E CMHC Chinese Herbal Formulas to correct the deficiency(s) can prove to…read more

Constitutional Tendencies & You – Part III

How do you personally fit in, and what can you do about it? To start with, you may have a combination of Blood, Chi, Yin or Yang Deficiency in varying degrees. With this is mind, the depth and complexities of mixed Chinese Medicine Deficiency Patterns may take years to rebuild and recover. It is important to keep in mind that:…read more

Constitutional Tendencies & You – Part I

What traits might you possess that makes you unique? Are you the quiet and reserved introvert? Or are you the outgoing and expressive extrovert? Perhaps you are a person who is a nurturer, taking great care of those whom you love. Do you often forget about yourself? Or perhaps you have great leadership skills, but…read more

Possibility #2: Fire in the Blood

The element of heat/fire can many times be involved because “fire makes the blood run wild.” This may also cause chronic nosebleeds, bruising, bleeding gums [many times a yin deficiency pattern], slow healing wounds, easy bruising, long or heavy menstrual cycles or internal bleeding problems [vascular]. Cooling the blood, cooling a specific Organ System, building blood,…read more

Variation of Loose Stools: Blood in the Stool

Blood associated with a bowel movement [without loose stool] can be both visible and invisible to the naked eye. Many times another disharmony, such as dizziness, low blood pressure, paleness, fatigue or anemia, may be a clue to understanding the nature of the chronic loss of blood. Blood loss may also come from high above such…read more

Possibility #1: Cold & Deficient Spleen

In general, we can attribute loose stools to the element of cold, leading to the deficiency of your Spleen Organ System. It is called an organ system because of all the many responsibilities associated with the Spleen (or any other primary organ defined within Chinese Medicine) which are rarely understood, much less acknowledged by bio-medical medicine. For instance…read more

Just One Aspect of Loose Stool Causes

Before we look at the possible causes of the disharmony combination of blood in the stools and loose stools, let us first examine what Chinese Medicine Patterns and which Organ Systems may be present with just loose stools, alone. Loose stools are a much more common disharmony which can help to give us a broader view of elimination/fluid mismatch problems.…read more

Answers to Questions on Natural Remedies for Loose, Bloody Stools

When people come to us seeking answers to the complex questions of healing, we do our best to try and both clarify the process of healing, as well as provide clear and cogent answers. Most of the time a person will approach us wanting to know, “Can you help me with my health problem?” This…read more

“Acute” Formulas…Can They Be Taken Long Term?

Can Specialized Formulas For Acute Problems be Taken Long-Term? Have you ever taken Pe Min Kan Wan, Super Sinus Capsules (Bi Yan Pian) or Magnolia Flower Teapills for acute sinus pain and congestion? What about The Snake & The Dragon Teapills (based off of the traditional formula called Long Dan Xie Gan Wan) or our Heaven & Earth CMHC version called Drain the Fire Formula for a cold…read more

An Urgent & Important Message for Your Pets’ Health This Summer

This spring started out warm and it has stayed that way all the way through mid-summer. This is becoming common place for the great northwest in which our business is located. If you’re experiencing an especially warm summer this year as well, then your pet could be at risk. With this in mind, it must…read more

Specialty Formulas for Acute Problems

I am using the term “specialty formula” to label certain Chinese Herbal Formulas that are utilized for specific [usually acute, though may be chronic] Daily Disharmonies. This type of formula can be taken short-term [days to weeks] to medium-term [weeks to months]. Examples of these Daily Disharmonies would be: Indigestion Heartburn Menstrual cramps Headaches Urinary tract infections Tooth…read more

The Algorithm Trilogy

Before I begin answering the article’s title question, (can specialized formulas, designed for acute problems, be taken long-term?), let us first go over how we get to the point of having to take one or more of these specialty formulas, either short-term, long-term and sometimes indefinitely. For some of you who have read our e-book,…read more


As Chinese Medicine Herbalists, we consider it an honor to work with each individual that comes seeking guidance through our in-depth, consultation process. We are experts at discerning what Chinese Medicine Patterns are present, what level they may be at, and how they are influencing each other. This will often reveal a true, root pattern…read more

Part 3

This is often the place that many of our customers come to us, seeking a professional opinion in an herbal formulation strategy. This is accomplished through Chinese Medicine Pattern discernment by way of an in-depth consultation. As Chinese Medicine Herbalists, we have devoted our lives to studying the many different states that the human body…read more

Part 2

At Heaven and Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center, we have built our business on education first and foremost, understanding that most of you desire to decide for yourself what to put into your own body. Chinese Medicine is based on the logical sense that no one knows an individuals’ body better than that same individual.…read more

The Freedom to Choose: The Importance of Chinese Medicine Pattern Discernment

Despite the FDA’s disapproval, in 1994 Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). Congress hoped that in passing this act, they would help relieve the increasing pressure that rapidly inflating medical costs was inflicting upon the American economy. The stated purpose of this bill was to: “improve the health status of the…read more

The Actual Structure Of A Chinese Herbal Formula

When a Chinese Herbal Formula is created, there always is a regal-in-manner structure that coincides with the specific Chinese Medicine Patterns that it has been created for. This can apply to both smaller [four to six herbs] and more complex, larger formulas. It is commonly to use a format that is based on the monarchical…read more

Part 2

Let us look at a person with a short-term [hours to a couple days], acute cold such as a wind heat invasion. Some of the disharmonies may present as: Scratchy throat Headache Dizziness Slight sweating Red eyes Sneezing Achiness Dry, clogged sinuses Increased allergies Green or yellow phlegm [not always present] Feeling lousy They may…read more

The Empirical Formula Creation Process

There are an infinite number of possible Chinese Herbal combinations and as your Chinese Medicine Patterns change, the formulation may also change…or not. It is not always necessary to change the formula. When catering to an individuals needs through out the healing process, adding or removing even one single herb or possibly changing the weight…read more

Part 3

Over the years, the Xiao Yao formulation has been duplicated in many forms from many different patent manufacturing brands. Over the centuries, Chinese Herbalists have utilized this classic combination, augmenting and making necessary changes to cater to the specific needs of their customers. The Plum Flower Brand formulation is called Free and Easy Wanderer. There…read more

Part 2

Chinese Medicine divides your body into five, main internal organ systems: the Liver, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys and Heart. They all have very specific patterns of imbalances that have been well-documented over the centuries. Usually an organ system becomes weaker when it starts to move out of balance, yet your Liver Organ System is a bit…read more

Exploring Free & Easy Wanderer: Revealing The Internal Science

One of the most popularly prescribed and sought after Chinese Herbal products is Plum Flower’s Free and Easy Wanderer Teapills. It also comes in another variation, equally as popular if not more so, known as Free and Easy Wanderer Plus. Both of these products are based on an ageless, highly advanced formulation, sited as first…read more

Part 4

Our Heaven & Earth CMHC formulation is a variation upon a variation. We have designed it for the modern age, based on our perceptions of the thousands of customers that have contacted us for help since our business opening in 2000. We added Chi Shao-Red Peony Root as an added benefit to vitalize the blood,…read more

Part 4

Another very important aspect to the Ba Ji Yin Yang formula is the addition of three Blood tonics: Bai Shao, Gou Qi Zi, and Dang Gui. Dang Gui is a very famous Chinese Herb, known as the “Women’s Ginseng”. Women’s energy problems are often associated with Blood Deficiency from going through the processes of menstruation and childbearing,…read more

Part 3

What makes the Ba Ji Yin Yang formula different from other Kidney Yang Tonics, such as Golden Book Teapills, Right Side Replenishing Teapills or our formula H&E CMHC-Fire of Life Kidney Yang Formula, is the addition of some very strong Yang tonics that also focus heavily on strengthening both the Yang, the Essence (Jing) and Blood (Xue).…read more

Formula Focus: Ba Ji Yin Yang Wan

When we write about your Kidney Organ System we are referring to both internal processes of your body and to the actual physical, kidney organ area [your lower back]. This area extends all the way downward to the end of your toes. For instance, the health of your knees is directly reflected with the health…read more

A Balanced Life

Living a balanced life is wise and prudent regardless of whatever circumstances you may be coming from. Living a balanced life is both the solution for healing extreme damage to your body, as well as preserving the valuable resources held within your body [your five organ systems].  This is specifically your Chi, Blood, Yin (immune,…read more

The Absence of Extremes

Roller coasters can be fun and exciting if you’re on a 10 minute ride at your local summer fair grounds…but, this may be the only place where extreme up-and-downs are welcomed. Extreme swings, from the highest highs to the lowest lows are extremely damaging in every aspect of human life, especially to your five organ…read more

Living A Balanced Life: Fantasy or Reality?

The Correct Way of Life: Lost… & Never To Be Found?  One of the oldest, most studied and revered medical texts in the entire world is The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. It starts out by addressing the indispensable key to health and healing: Balance. To explain, this classic text is a long discourse…read more

Part 3

Living a balanced life is of the utmost importance when it comes to applying this principle of the cultivation of health. Not living in any extreme, whether you are talking about diet or lifestyle choices like sleeping too long or not sleeping enough are all of key factors of importance. Extreme lifestyle choices will have…read more

Part 2

Chinese Medicine’s unique view of your body as a garden is a crucial way to understand how your body truly works and is the key to living a comfortable, healthy and vibrant life. In the unique perspective of health and disease through Chinese Medicine, we understand that dis-ease is something that grows from a small seed into…read more

Health Cultivation: The Heart & Soul of Preventative Medicine

The contrasting ideas and definitions of health between the East and the West could not be further apart. In the West, health is often thought of as something attained through physical exercise and a proper diet. In fact, many people may not even adhere to these two ideas on health and yet, they may have…read more

Part 2

Resolving Damp Heat is a difficult task. It is much like trying to separate flour and water after it has been combined into dough. Not only that, but once you do resolve the condition, which tends to really stick around, there is much damage that has been done from the lack of proper chi and blood flow.…read more

Damp Heat: Difficult Pattern to Resolve

In Chinese Medicine, we talk a lot about your body in terms of environmental states. How these environmental states [when imbalanced] can engender, hinder or destroy a health state of being. Usually we relate these environmental states to specific Chinese Medicine Patterns of imbalance. Today we will be diving into the specific Chinese Medicine Pattern idea of Dampness combining with…read more

Cancer and Chai Hu Bupleurum

Chai Hu Bupleurum has shown itself to have many anti-cancer properties. Many studies have been done, both in vitro (test tube) and in vivo (living organism) on various types of cancer demonstrating its ability to hinder cancer in multiple ways. In the test tube, Chai Hu Bupleurum root was able to kill living cancer cells,…read more


While this article is but a short summary into the many abilities of Chai Hu Bupleurum, it is evident that this incredible Chinese Herb is truly that… incredible! Chai Hu Bupleurum root is definitely a Chinese Herb to have in your medicine cabinet, ready at your disposal when you need it. It is no wonder…read more

Other Uses of Chai Hu

Other noteworthy documented properties of Chai Hu Bupleurum are analgesic, antiviral, vassal-relaxant and sedation effects.1, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27 Sources Radix Bupleuri. In: WHO monographs on selected medicinal plants . Vol 1. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization; 1999: 67-76. Chang H, But PP, eds. Pharmacology and Applications of Chinese Materia Medica . Yao…read more


Crude extracts of Chai Hu Bupleurum, along with isolated active ingredients of Chai Hu Bupleurum, were found to have an anti-inflammatory effect similar to prednisolone.¹ Prednisolone is a steroid drug used to treat many conditions, especially those related to inflammation like colitis, multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Chai Hu was also able to prevent kidney inflammation…read more

Hepatoprotective Effects

In vivo animal tests were done on rats. Liver damage was provoked through the use of acetaminophen (Aspirin) and carbon tetrachloride. Carbon tetrachloride, known by many names is, thankfully, only used in industrial applications today because it has been discovered to be highly toxic to humans and is believed to be a carcinogen-though; it once…read more

GI/Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcers were induced in animals. The active ingredients in Chai Hu Bupleurum were found to reduce the effect of these ulcers and increase healing rates. In fact, the effects of these active ingredients were comparable to sucralfate, which is a prescription medication used to treat peptic ulcer disease.1, 11, 12, 13 What’s also extremely…read more

Scientific Analysis of Chai Hu Buplerum Root

Antipyretic effects: The most well-known antipyretics are Ibuprofen and Aspirin. Antipyretics are non-steroidal substances that are “effective against fever” or have the effect of a “cold pack”. They accomplish this function by dilating your blood vessels that are close to the surface of your skin. This expansion allows for more blood to circulate on the…read more

Chinese Medicine Description of Chai Hu:

Chai Hu is classified in Chinese Medicine as an herb that “Releases the Exterior”, but it really does so much more. Chai Hu reduces fever, including a specialized disorder categorization in Chinese Medicine called “Lesser Yang”. This condition often presents with alternating chills and fever, bitter taste in mouth, inter-costal pain, vomiting, constriction/oppression feeling in…read more

In-depth Scientific Analysis of Chai Hu Bupleurum Root

In this day in age, where extreme stress is one of the more common experiences of life, we are fortunate to have the incredible knowledge that science and technology gives us to add to the accumulated knowledge and research of those gone before us. Here is an in-depth look into one of the most important…read more

Listing of Possible Combinations of Pet Health Support Powders

It is possible to combine our Pet Health Powder products to give your pet that extra support! Check out these possible combinations below to get an idea as to how the different powders can be used. By the way, cats can also use our dog powders too! Elderly Pets In situations where you have an…read more

Your Pet’s Health & Chinese Herbal Powders

Dogs are such an integral part of so many of our lives. Everywhere you look there seems to be a dog connected to their loving family member. We have had numerous cases involving pet health issues over the span of decades which has allowed us to gain a great deal of knowledge on their common…read more

Part 4

In case you would like to know more about the formula for Liver Wind, please read on: Our Heaven & Earth CMHC Raw Calm Liver Wind Chinese Herbal Formula is very useful for calming the Liver Organ System that is being affected by the element of Wind. Biomedical conditions such as: stuttering, spasms, excessive mood…read more

Part 3

From my perception as a Chinese Herbalist, having seen and helped people in every stage of this process, it seems that the continual stress of having extreme congestion and then exploding repeating over and over again, fatigues the Liver Organ Systems natural regulation abilities and gradually weakens its capability as a regulator of Chi, which…read more

Part 2

The spring season will accentuate whatever upward moving processes are currently manifesting. If your body is already having Liver Congestion, essentially, it’s like putting gasoline on a fire. When your body is in a liver/spring cycle and is already in an uproar, you essentially get double the trouble. Liver Chi Congestion happens to be one…read more

Change is Inevitable

If you have read any of our previous articles, you’ve probably noticed we write a lot about various Chinese Medicine Patterns to bring more clarity and understanding with the unique thought processes behind it. We frequently write about patterns such as Kidney Yin Deficiency and Liver Chi Congestion. Yet, one of the most important ideas…read more

Part 4

Specific Liver and Spleen Harmonizers excellent to take for your bodies’ spring cleaning are: H&E CMHC Free, Easy and Relaxing–Liver and Spleen Harmonizer Formula Free and Easy Wanderer Teapills, in both the Original and Plus formulations. To read an article comparing both the original and plus formulations please write or call to have it sent via email. Soothe Liver…read more

Part 3

One of the driving forces of ascending Chi during the springtime is your Liver Organ System. One very subtle function of your Liver Organ System is that it actually helps to assist your Spleen Organ System in directing Chi and fluids to your upper body. This function is so subtle it can be called a…read more

Part 2

What does this mean for you as a human being? Well just like anything in life, there are pros and cons to this process and experience. The pro is that you may be feeling a surge in energy, and uplifting of your mood and general emotional state with a sunnier disposition. This naturally ascending process…read more

Get Ready For Spring!

Are you ready for spring? Have you noticed some odd sensations happening within your body recently? From about March 7 to March 21 we are in a transition phase, moving from winter to spring. Many of our readers, perhaps even you, may not know that your body changes with the seasons. This spring is no…read more

Part 5

Getting back to this idea of “Releasing the Exterior”… Take for instance a volcano that festers and brews over the decades, amounting pressure until it eventually explodes in an event likened to a nuclear bomb. Just as pressure can build within the Earth, it can also build with our body. If Chi becomes blocked and…read more

Part 4

A very common occurrence of this is Liver Chi Congestion. A huge responsibility of the Liver Organ System is to regulate Chi flow, especially Chi in the chest. When the Liver Organ System becomes weak, it ceases to regulate Chi the way it is designed to. When Chi is not being regulated, you get imbalances…read more

Part 3

Now that we understand what is meant by “exterior”, let’s dive into this idea of “releasing”, which is speaking of Chi. Chi, pronounced chee, is directly translated as “life force”, but somehow that doesn’t quite describe it. Chi is a substance, despite the fact that it is something that has yet to be understood and…read more

Part 2

While many of these words are familiar, the associated ideas are often not. Unless you’ve been around Chinese Medicine for a while, ideas like tonifying, chi, orifices, yin, yang, phlegm-heat, wind, transformation, Spirit and more, are all probably pretty strange, especially as it applies to your health! Yet, this is where Chinese Medicine really shines.…read more

New Perspective, New Opportunities!

When an average person decides on considering the completely new option of healing through Chinese Herbal Medicine, one of the biggest barriers that they will likely face is its very different views and understanding of their body. This will include new and quite foreign terminology. Take for instance the many categories that classify the plethora…read more

Scrapes, Cuts, Bites, Burns, Open Wounds, Sores & Infected Skin

Need a truly all-natural solution like an herbal balm for healing wounds, mitigating infection and irritation from abrasions, cuts, sores and burns? Look no further, our BURN BALM is here! Check out our new Heaven & Earth CMHC BURN BALM which is truly a NATURAL HEALING SOLUTION, sure to speed up recovery of any exterior…read more


Let’s face it, insomnia happens to the best of us. An often time, all it takes is a busier-than-normal schedule with a little added pressure, creating an overloaded mind to trigger a night of insomnia. Something simple like being able to quiet your mind as you attempt to fall asleep, (despite your extreme level of…read more

Herbal “Multi-Vitamin”/Complete Nutrition

The concept of a “multi-vitamin” has always been a good one. It’s a general consensus that life is both demanding and stressful. This is perhaps the most difficult era of all with all of the many demands put upon your body, mind and emotional state. So…if you are inclined to seek a natural solution, as…read more


Overeating is such a common occurrence when the holiday’s come around. By the time New Year shows up, not to mention all of the parties in between, over-indulgence in rich, sugary [delicious!] foods are truly a common occurrence during the winter season. Your digestion can take a real beating from being overworked! Not only that,…read more

Stress Headaches

Stress headaches are often a result of the Chinese Medicine Pattern called “Liver Fire Rising”. Even though the solutions listed below are more commonly used for a colds with an underlying heat pattern, they also have other abilities in clearing general, internal heat that is rising to your head (after all, heat does rise). Keeping…read more

What’s In Your Herbal Medicine Cabinet?

Do you seek out all-natural products from the food you eat to your medicinal needs? If the answer is yes, you should also consider seeking out new solutions as you build your natural, herbal medicine cabinet to treat common colds, coughs, headaches, food poisoning and so much more… being prepared is very important! Please check…read more

Active Ingredients of Huang Qi

Calycosin: Possesses pro-angiogenic activity.1 Angiogenesis is the physiological process through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels2. Angiogenesis is responsible for most, if not all, blood vessel growth during development and in disease.3 Angiogenesis is a normal and vital process in growth and development, as well as in wound healing2 and in the formation of granulation tissue.…read more