Complementary Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation
[$300.00 Value!]

Are you frustrated with your chronic health issues or general health and feel you need immediate assistance in finding the correct Chinese Herbal Formulas?

All Signs, No Direction

Are you interested in having our Chinese Medicine Herbalist assist you in creating a long-term Chinese Herbal Formula Program 

utilizing our scientifically advanced Heaven & Earth CMHC formulas?

Health in the palm of your hand.

If the answer is a resounding…YES, please continue reading about this rare & invaluable service.

Our Heaven & Earth CMHC Complementary Consult Service is based on the extensive background and experience of the Heaven & Earth CMHC Herbalist. Any program or formula information is strictly on a suggestive basis. 

Our initial, in-depth Chinese Herbal Consultation is a complementary service.Follow-up consults are also free if the suggested Chinese Herbal Program is started and consistently adhered to. Otherwise, there is a $200.00 fee including tongue review, formula(s) review and phone conversation.  

Acute health issues [i.e. infections, colds, injuries…] and dosaging assistant is always a no charge service.

The decision to purchase any, or all formulas suggested in the program is 100% the choice of the customer. Any Chinese Herbal Program offered is based on the background and experience of the Heaven & Earth CMHC Chinese Medicine Herbalist and strictly a suggestion

All information is 100% confidential and only viewed by the Heaven & Earth CMHC Chinese Medicine Herbalist. All pertinent questions should be asked during the initial consult phone conversation, so please be prepared. 

It is highly suggested to start any new herbal formula program at a very low dosage. For instance, taking one to two capsules of a new formula per day for a set amount of time and then titrating up from there. Please Note- Every person has their own unique, personal Chinese Medicine Patterns. Results may vary and there are no guarantees. 

Please consult your regular doctor before starting a new health program or for any questions about drug interactionsHerbs are considered a food supplement with highly beneficial & natural health attributes.  

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The Customized Program

Once we receive your information we will contact by phone to go over the results including the customized formula strategy designed especially for you.