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The Chinese Animal Spirit of 2024 Revealed: The Warm Wood Dragon!

A wood dragon in the woods, created by Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Herbal Center with AI.

Happy Lunar New Year!

If a Wood Dragon falls in the woods, but no one is there to see it, does it still make a sound... and then breath fire out of embarrassment?

A wood dragon in the woods, created by Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Herbal Center with AI.

Okay, maybe that's a REALLY dumb joke,
but I just couldn't help myself! 😉

Woman winks at the viewer

Before I get on to business... to let you know that we'll be closing for a week + a Federal Holiday to celebrate the Lunar New Year... you might be asking yourself,

"What exactly is a
Wood Dragon anyway?"

A wood dragon in the woods, created by Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Herbal Center with AI.

Chinese Astrologist, Theodora Lau, in her book, “The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes“, says this about Wood Dragons (Years 1904, 1964, 2024):

(P.S. This is a fun book exploring the complexities of Chinese Astrology in a very easy format that makes it quite entertaining, just as much as it is enlightening. It comes highly recommended, especially as you see your friends and family blush over the dinner table when you start revealing their inner natures! The links to Theodora’s book are affiliate links to Amazon.)

“A creative and magnanimous type of Dragon capable of developing bright new revolutionary concepts. Wood combined with his sign makes him adept at formulating and implementing his ideas and working cooperatively with others, even if he may be a bit condescending on occasion.

Gifted with an exploratory nature, the Wood Dragon loves to look into cause and effect theories; his every action will be guided by sound logic. However, he also has a tendency to over-investigate subjects or to submit people to endless debate when he is faced with opposition. He is a natural teacher and could be very scholarly in his own offbeat manner.

Happy Chinese New Year, Year of the Green Wood Dragon!
Nonetheless, this is a generous Dragon who is amenable to taking the middle road, tries to offend as few people as possible, and subtly conceals his domineering ways. The Wood element produces a less fierce and unreasonable variety of Dragon who will compromise when it is to his advantage. Still, as a Dragon, he will ultimately relate everything to his oversized ego and will condescend to change only when sure of the benefits to himself.
Not as vindictive or self-centered as Dragons of the other elements, he will still be outspoken, proud and fearless when challenged.”
-Theodora Lau in “The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes“.

To Expand upon our picture of the Wood Dragon, Susan White (pictured above) in her astrology book, "The New Chinese Astrology", has this to say about the Wood Dragon:

(P.S. This is another WONDERFUL Chinese Astrology book that we have enjoyed tremendously over the years! It is insightful and thorough! Highly recommended!
Links to book are affiliate links to Amazon.)

"The Wood Dragon is the warmest, most sociable of all Dragons. He's a sunshine of goodwill and helpfulness, giving free advice and assisting his friends whenever called upon. He is a devoted partner, never backing off from duty or responsibility once accepted.

This Dragon also has a special capacity for philosophical deep-thinking. His ability to deal with abstract concepts and synthesize ideas from them is well known and highly thought of among his peers.

A wood dragon in the woods, created by Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Herbal Center with AI.

The Wood Dragon is a peacemaker, too. He can turn around a potentially explosive situation in a flash with his clever tongue, infusing humor and light-hearted logic into stressful situations. His counsel is often requested by people in high places as he has an uncanny talent for peering through hazy circumstances and coming up with the truth. Although he does not consciously attempt to cause pain, his incisive comments often hit close to the bone.

A wood dragon in the woods, created by Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Herbal Center with AI.

Wood Dragons are so perspicacious and open-minded that they could become soothsayers or spiritual leaders. Notions from realms outside our world seem to reach this character and the Wood Dragon often knows what will happen before it occurs. This gift makes it possible for him to take up astrology, study metaphysics or become a prophet or healer. A Wood Dragon could also enter the medical and religious professions or even politics and government. Because he is multi-talented he might choose painting, sculpting, writing or acting, but whatever his choice, the Wood Dragon will never be bored or boring. His life is full of activities and hobbies. As long as he can sew and build, plant and pot, paint and decorate after work, the Wood Dragon is happy.

This artistic bent removes some of the stigma of meticulous pickiness which characterizes so many other Dragons. Wood Dragons have a Bohemian streak which allows them the freedom to live in a relaxed way, to forget to put the cover back on the barbecue or to resist the urge to straighten every painting in someone else's house.

All Dragons are fun-loving and festive but the Wood Dragon is the king of dramatic parties. Wherever he finds himself, the Wood Dragon sees to it that he is the center of attention. Salvador Dali was a Wood Dragon--remember his taste for spectacle. No recluse was he. A true Wood Dragon, Dali longed for company, lived for theatre and showed off shamelessly. From his outlandish costumes to his appallingly wild sweeping statements, Dali was the perfect Wood Dragon.

A wood dragon in the woods, created by Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Herbal Center with AI.

This Dragon is not very courageous or long-suffering. Adversity throws him off course, upsets his tender center and causes him to back away. As the Wood Dragon is not aggressive--one might even call him a reluctant Dragon--he shies from conflict, preferring diplomacy to aggression and love to hate. Because he is philosopher and wishes to be thought of as the instrument of harmony, the Wood Dragon gets involved in the most convoluted discussions over a simple issue. The important thing for him is to appear to know what he's talking about: don't hesitate to suggest he shut up if he distracts you from the business at hand. He'll be furious--but it won't last long."

-The Wood Dragon, by Susan White in her astrology book, "The New Chinese Astrology".

So, back to business!

Holiday Closures

We are closing for a week for Chinese New Year which is on Saturday, February 10th!

Our closure starts Monday, February 12th through the 16th.

We will re-open for business on Tuesday, February 20th, due to the Federal Holiday, President’s day, that occurs on the 19th.

If you plan on making an order soon, and you want to avoid this shipping delay, please submit your order on or before Wednesday, February 7th, to allow for us to ship your order on the following day or two.

We will be open on Thursday the 8th and Friday the 9th. If your order is time sensitive, we ask that you call us to confirm that your order will be shipped before our closure.  please call us at 1-888-649-2182 before placing an order so that we may assure that everything runs smoothly and that you get your order promptly.

Happy Chinese New Year,
Year of the Wood Dragon!

May this year be your best yet!

A wood dragon in the woods, created by Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Herbal Center with AI.

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