Many, many women suffer needlessly with menstrual cycle health issues. An imbalanced menstrual cycle can create a large array of problems.

This can include familiar physical maladies such as:

  • cramping [pain mild to severe]

  • fatigue

  • weakness

  • fertility irregularities

  • and digestive issues

Other factors like emotional instability and loss of work compound the problem. This puts further strain on a women’s personal and family life, perpetuating the “cycle of pain”.

Woman Crouched Over In Menstrual Pain

This “cycle of pain”, occurring month after month, is understood to have a true root cause within the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is based on Liver Chi Congestion, a common Chinese Medicine Pattern.

Just as interest compounds month after month with an investment, such is the case with Liver Chi Congestion, yet in a negative way!

Menstrual Pain Target

One of the main purposes of your Liver Organ System is to regulate the flow of Chi and Blood. This is much like how a stop light will regulate traffic through an intersection. Imagine if the stop light were to malfunction and where every light turned red. A massive traffic jam would ensue. 

Now, imagine a similar situation with your Liver Organ System. When it weakens in its ability to regulate the free flow of these two vital substances, you can get an internal build up of both. Over time this build up creates layers and layers of stagnation. This can then adversely affect your menstrual cycle. Act now to stop this negative, perpetuating process! Please read on!

All Signs, No Direction

At Heaven and Earth CMHC, we understand the extreme importance of a regulated, balanced and replenished menstrual cycle. 

It can be stated that the regulation and health of a woman’s menstrual cycle is a true barometer of her health and proportional to long-term health.

Get Back On Your Feet!

We have created a VERY special Menstrual Pain & Regulation Health Package just for this purpose! We have combined three scientifically advanced Chinese Herbal Formulas.

When these formulas are purchased together, you will receive a total 40% discount!

Though, much more important than any special that we could be offering would be in considering how this very special Menstrual Pain & Regulation Health Package could benefit you, or other cherished women in your life.

To simplify the use of the Menstrual Pain & Regulation Health Package, we’ll divide a menstrual cycle into three phases starting with Phase 1: the Start of Menses.

How you move through the three main stages of her menstrual cycle over the course of a month is key to understanding not just the health of her reproductive system, but every other aspect of your health as well.

Get Back On Your Feet!
Menstrual Cycle Days Wheel

Phase 1 The Menses: The Release & Flow

Sea of Tranquility Menstrual Support Formula

Technically, the menstrual cycle doesn’t officially start until Day 1 – the onset of menses. We are simplifying the strategy here, so we have grouped the first few days before the official start of the menstrual cycle in with this phase.

Our Sea of Tranquility Formula is specially designed to cater to this special phase of the menstrual cycle. It is designed to immediately prepare for the opening of the sea of life as it’s known in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Key Chinese Herbs in this formula helps to open this internal gate. For many women this is often a problematic step in the process of menstruation.

When stagnation blocks this internal gate from opening properly, severe menstrual cramping often results. Not only does pain often occur, but a woman will usually experience an inconsistent start date (irregularity) and dark, old blood at the start of her period that is brownish and odorous in color. Women will often describe this experience has a slow start. Sometimes the slow start can begin 24-36 hours prior to Day-1 [actual start of flow] of the menstrual cycle.

Even if you do not experience the initial blockage of the life gate at the start of your menses, it is always prudent to assist this process along. This is to nurture a healthy and regulated menstrual cycle. The dominant presence that menstruation has in a woman’s lifetime, often lasting for up to 4 decades, merits the thoughtful consideration to invest in the promotion of this vital aspect of her health!

Sea of Tranquility Formula is designed to continue the regulation and smooth of your menstrual cycle, helping to create and maintain an even experience on ALL LEVELS.

Many women experience inconsistent flow during week 1. Oscillating between overflowing and absent menses to any degree is a result of the Liver Organ System not properly regulating the flow. Dry spells in the middle of this special week, lasting for a several hours or even up to a day, often creates a need for your body to essentially re-start the menses. This will often cause severe cramping and pain.

Key Chinese Herbs in this formula also helps to break up Blood Stagnation. Blood Stagnation is a real problem because it often contributes to pain, cramping and an inconsistent flow.

This can include:

  • the presence of dark menstrual blood which is purplish and containing blood clots
  • difficult or slow starting menses
  • fixed masses in the lower abdomen
  • painful urination
  • blood in the urine 

Phase 2 Post-Menses: Rebuild & Regenerate

A true missing link in addressing the health of your menstrual cycle is the post-phase in which the precious loss of Blood, Chi, Yin & Yang has occurred. The Blood, Chi, Yin & Yang are known as the four treasures in Chinese Medicine—the essential and vital substances of your body that are literally the cornerstones of anyone’s health!

The challenge that any woman face’s is that every month, her body is preparing for a pregnancy. This process of preparation, month in and month out, takes a lot of resources! It is for this reason that we recommend every woman take regular tonics to rebuild and regenerate her system on all levels. Not only do these key substances of the body need to be rebuilt, but the internal organs that do the rebuilding need regeneration too!

For this reason we have included our specially created: H&E CMHC Ten Treasure For Beautiful Skin, Hair & Nails Replenishing Tonic Formula into this package!

It can be taken monthly until strength and balance has occurred and then as needed as a preventive measure for health. The H&E CMHC Ten Treasure For Beautiful Skin, Hair & Nails Replenishing Tonic Formula can be purchased separately and can [and should!] be taken long-term…to life-long. Oh, and yes men can take this formula, too!

Phase-3 Pre Menses: Repair & Regulate

Repair & Regulating of Your Liver Organ System

We’ve been referring a lot about Blood, which is obviously so important to address with menstruation. But, there is another substance of equal importance in your body called Chi. It can translate directly as life force. There are many, many Chi’s in the body. Some are responsible for your daily energy, whereas others are responsible for how your body continues mature and develop. Your Liver Organ System has a very important role to play in your health, and as such, its life force is very important!

The relationship between Chi and Blood is also crucial. It is said that Chi leads the Blood, and Blood nourishes the Chi. If the Chi stagnates, the Blood will diminish in its flow. And if the Blood does not exist or is restricted in any way, the Chi will begin to deteriorate. Just as we see the manifestation of jerky, inconsistent, choppy, or even explosive (even in the most minor of senses), process with menstrual dysfunction, the same process is happening on a Chi Level as well. Actually, such problems will start on the Chi Level first, before they ever manifest on the Blood Level.

The Chi flow, in regards to your Liver Organ System, can manifest with your emotions, energy and mental clarity (or the lack thereof). Emotions are an especially good indicator of how your Liver Chi is flowing. This can show with both the cultivation and release of emotions. If you find that your emotions are tending to build, bind, and then explode, even to minor degrees, then you may want to consider taking a Liver Chi Regulating Formula.

Liver Chi Congestion can and will often include the following Daily Disharmonies:

  • cravings [especially sugar]
  • elimination health issues
  • acne
  • back pain
  • irregular appetite
  • Irregular sleeping
  • other areas of pain
  • general weakness
  • anemia
  • infections & inflammation
  • lack of motivation
The Liver in Chinese Medicine

As pertaining to the menstrual cycle an unbalanced Liver Organ System can lead to:

  • menstrual pain
  • menstrual cramping
  • lower abdominal distention during menses which is worse with pressure
  • excessive bloating, before or during menses
  • acute constipation or diarrhea
  • erratic emotions
  • explosive emotions
  • buildup of emotions
  • intercostal pain, an increase in neck and shoulder tension, and or chest tightness
  • nausea

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Directions for taking our H&E CMHC Menstrual Pain & Regulation Package

The chart below gives general dosage amounts. You may start with even lower dosages allowing your body to become accustom to the formulations.

Below is a chart giving general rules on taking the formulas in specialized timing phases. You may start at any time in the month using the chart to reference the correct formula.

The Free, Easy & Relaxing-Harmonize Liver & Spleen Formula two weeks prior to the start date of your menstrual cycle. It can be taken for 10 days to begin the coursing and regulating process. This formula can release and open up the Liver Chi [energy] so it is suggested to take from morning to early evening hours.

The H&E CMHC Sea Of Tranquility Formula is taken 3 days prior to your menstrual cycle and can be taken through your menstrual cycle which is an overall time-frame of approximately 10 days. This formula helps to promote the easy flow of the menses and to start the rebuilding process. This time-frame is an approximation and can vary from individual to individual. The H&E CMHC Sea Of Tranquility Formula is one of a few formulas that can be taken during a menstrual cycle.

The restorative, H&E CMHC Ten Treasure For Beautiful Skin, Hair & Nails Replenishing Tonic Formula should be taken immediately after your menstrual cycle and not during.

Phase & Days




Pre & During Menses Phase

Take 3 Days prior to start of menstrual cycle & during mc. This is approximately a 10 day time-frame, but of course can vary! Customize to accommodate your body.

Promote healthy flow, decrease pain & support rebuilding phase.

Sea Of Tranquility Formula
Start with approximately 1 tsp. of powder to make a tea or 1 capsule three times daily and titrate up from there.

Post Building Phase

Take when your menstrual cycle has stopped. Can be taken for 10 Days.

Replenish & Rebuild Blood, Chi (Energy/”Life Force”, Yin (Fluids/Immune) and Yang (Metabolism).

Ten Treasures For Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails – Replenishing Tonic Formula
Start with approximately 1 tsp. of powder to make a tea or 1 capsule three times daily and titrate up from there.

Mid Regulating Phase

Take for the next 10 Days, after finishing the Ten Treasures Formula.
Begins the opening of energy, time regulation, digestive balance & pain reduction.
Free, Easy & Relaxing-Harmonize Liver and Spleen Formula

Start with approximately 1 tsp. of powder to make a tea or 1 capsule three times daily and titrate up from there.

Key Points:

  • Remember to start with a very low dose and adjust upward with time.


  • Do not take high doses or be in a hurry to put things back in balance.


  • The doses in the chart are general. You may start with even lower doses allowing your body to become accustom to the formulas.


  • Everyone is different. Try just one dose of each of formulas in the appropriate timing per the chart above and see how you do before moving on.


  • The chart is followed when your body is ready for a full-time program. It may take a month or two to get there!

These formulas are meant to be a natural and powerful way to bring much needed relief to those of you with moderate to severe pain and frustration before and during your monthly cycle. Relief and regulation will vary with each individual because each person is different in how their Chinese Medicine Patterns of Imbalance are manifesting.

Cautions & Contraindications:

An important role of The Sea of Tranquility Formula is in its ability to break up clots.

It should be taken with caution if you have any type of blood disease, are on specific blood medications [anti-coagulant therapy] or will be having a surgical procedure done. It is contraindicated during pregnancy and should be used with high caution during heavy menstrual bleeding. Not to be used if you are very weak, tired and deficient.

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Purchase All 3 Formulas Together & Get 40% OFF!