In this category of Excess Yellow Phlegm with Cough we have provided for you a listing of our Chinese Herbal Medicine programs. To help you focus on specific health issues, we have designed these scientifically advanced Chinese Herbal Formulas to help with respiratory system problems involving sticky  green or yellow mucous. This can include chronic respiratory bacterial infections lowering your immune system effecting your white blood cells.

For optimum results, it is always essential you know your underlying, personal Traditional Chinese Medicine Patterns of Imbalance. With this vital knowledge at hand, you may begin to work on supporting and balancing these patterns [usually always deficiencies] to accelerate the healing of your internal organ systems.

The stronger your internal organ systems, the stronger your immune system. The brilliance of Chinese Herbal Medicine shows once again in its vision of combining both clearing and removing toxin-type Chinese Herbs in combination with tonifying-type Chinese Herbs to to work in parallel, simultaneously to bring this healing about.

Many times the answer lies in the Yin/moistening abilities of specific Chinese Herbs to help break-up and loosen heat-infections in the respiratory tract represented by sticky, hard to dislodge and expel green or yellow phlegm.

Sinus infections definitely fall into this line of Chinese Herbal Medicine approach to utilizing Yin/moistening  Chinese Herbs. Many times drying methods are mistakenly used with untoward results. This is especially common with impacted sinuses. Again, knowing your underlying Chinese Medicine Patterns could prove to be extremely fruitful.        

An Environmental State Within Your Body

Firstly, in Chinese Medicine, simple ideas in physics are applied to your body. Think of two basic principles of temperature. Heat rising and cold causing condensation. When temperatures of either extreme are manifested in the body, both of these conditions can occur internally.

Heat in your body, which will often rise into the upper body or upper jiao (upper fire) as it’s called in TCM, will, naturally, have an effect on your fluids. Heat often causes fluids to thicken. Imagine cooking a stock, as the heat over time continues to break down the ingredients, water is evaporated creating a rich broth. If you were to further cook the broth down in a simmer, you could create a sauce. Still yet, if you were to further cook this new sauce down, you could create a glaze.

Similarly, thick yellow phlegm in your body is often like the glaze in the example above. When you have excess heat in your body, the fluids that moisten your Lungs, Stomach, throat, and sinuses can thicken. From there, the heat often creates an incubator for microbes, that in normal conditions, would not otherwise exist.

Consequently, our objective here at Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center is to discern the root cause of heat in your body [your underlying patterns] which is creating the excess yellow mucuos or green mucous.

Possible Root Causes for Yellow Phlegm

While each of your Chinese Medicine Patterns manifest in a unique and often complex way, there are general causes for yellow phlegm with Chinese Herbal Medicine Methodologies.

In conclusion, you are truly unique with your own Chinese Medicine Patterns of manifestation. Through diligent research you may be able to see for yourself and recognize these Chinese Medicine Patterns. This will lead to proper Chinese Herbal Formula Strategies so as to begin to experience health and healing success.

To begin your research, please look at our various programs below.

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