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Free and Easy Wanderer is a popular formula because of the wide range of issues that it can help with.

Free & Easy Wanderer - Economy size, 1,000 Teapills

Also known by its classical Chinese name “Xiao Yao Wan”, it is almost 1,000 years old! The Liver Organ System is said to be the culprit of 1,000 diseases and this is exactly what this formula addresses.

In Chinese Medicine, the Liver has a tendency, when it gets out of balance, to create an excess in the body. Imagine a traffic jam during rush hour. Sounds stressful, doesn’t it? The herbal strategy with this special combination is to open up any stagnation. Once the Chi is opened up, it can allow for the free-flow of Chi and Blood to once again circulate with ease.

If there is any “heat” that may have been generated (a common byproduct of a congestion), you may want to consider taking the Free and Easy Wanderer Plus.

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The Liver in Chinese Medicine

The Pattern that Free & Easy Wanderer Addresses: Liver Chi Congestion Invading the Spleen (Digestion)

You may want to study up on the precursor to the above pattern: Liver Chi Congestion

What’s the difference between Free and Easy Wanderer and Free and Easy Wanderer PLUS? By reading this article, you’ll definitely understand when to take which formula.

Scientific analysis of the Emperor/Chief herb in Free and Easy Wanderer–Chai Hu Bupleurum Root

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