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Cooling Detox Instant Tea

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  • New Packaging and Superior Formulation!
  • Cools & Refreshes
  • Natural Antibiotics, Antiviral & Antimicrobial Properties
  • Natural Detoxifying Tea
  • Drink Warm or Cold
  • Helps Itchy, Red, Inflamed, or Irritated Skin
  • Helps Red Eyes
  • Helps Dark, Hot Urine [frequent urinary tract infection]
  • Great To Take At The Onset Of A “Wind-Heat” Cold/Flu (will present with red eyes, yellow mucus, and fever)
  • Also Great To Take As A Preventative Maintenance Formula, Warding Off Heat and Inflammation, And Thereby Promoting Your Immune

Rehmannia & Ginseng Instant Tea

  • Tonifies your Kidney Organ System
  • Tonifies your Blood
  • Increases digestive process
  • Invigorates sexual desire
  • Strengthens your lower back
  • Calms your Heart Organ System
  • Strengthens Heart Health
  • Disperses Blood Stagnation to reduce pain