Cool & Refresh Face & Body Tea Cream

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  • A naturally powerful and gentle herbal cream that soothes, clears and nourishes the skin to a healthy appearance.

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Our COOL & REFRESH FACE & BODY TEA CREAM is prepared with a scientifically advanced combination of Chinese Herbs. This wonderful formula brings soothing, cooling and moisturizing hydration relief to your skin.

The healing properties of our unique formula is specially designed to assist with:

  • oily
  • red
  • irritated
  • inflamed
  • infected
  • blemished skin

Multi-Use Formula


  • severe burns
  • sunburns
  • severe inflammation
  • dermatitis
  • itchy, irritable skin
  • insect bites…


    • Pu Gong Ying has antimicrobial properties, clears heat and relieves toxicity. It is especially important for abscesses, sores and boils.
    • Huang Qin has antibiotic properties, immune enhancement properties, clears heat and drains fire. It is especially important for hot sores and swellings, stops bleeding.
    • Bo He has antibiotic properties, vents rashes for a rapid recovery, provides cooling and refreshing feeling to the skin.
    • Jin Yin Hua has antiviral and antimicrobial properties, clears heat and relieves fire toxicity. It is especially useful for suppurating boils that have not ulcerated, or ulcerated boils that are not discharging pus.
    • Lu Gen has antimicrobial properties, clears heat, and hydrates (generates fluids).
    • Zhi Zi has antibiotic properties, clears heat, eliminates irritability, reduces swelling, moves blood stasis due to trauma, aids in reducing pain.
    • Shi Gao clears heat, drains fire, hydrating (generates fluids) and benefits irritability. It is especially useful for eczema, burns, and ulcerated sores.
    • Ku Shen has anti-fungal effect, kills parasites and stops itching. It is especially useful for skin lesions or infestations with chronic itching, seepage and bleeding.

Hypo-Allergenic For Sensitive Skin

Anyone can benefit from this exceptional cream, but it can be especially vital for those with sensitive skin.

We know you will love our COOL & REFRESH FACE & BODY CREAM!


Apply a small amount of cream to face and body, one to two times per day. For external use only.

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3 reviews for Cool & Refresh Face & Body Tea Cream

  1. Yuliya Krikunova

    This cream helped a ton to treat an outbreak of eczema!! Great product!

  2. K. Owens

    I like your herbs:). I just need to be better about keeping up with ordering them. Shipping cost is fair and you package very well too:)

  3. Alexis Benzinger

    I had really dry skin which in turn broke me out. I use this cream almost everyday and my face has started to clear up the good news is that is is soft and isn’t all dry and flaky like before. Good stuff.

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