Hot Spot Infection Tea Cream For Pets

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  • Superior, safe & scientifically advanced formulation for immediate results!
  • Assists with severely irritated skin from hot spots, insect bites, infection, rashes, burns, boils, sores and more…
  • Our highly trained and skilled Chinese Medicine Herbalists have used their knowledge to create a special proprietary herbal combination!

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Heaven & Earth CMHC Hot Spot & Infection Tea Cream For Pets 

Any pet with:

  • irritated skin from hot spots
  • insect bites
  • infection
  • rashes
  • mild to severe burns
  • boils
  • open sores
  • inflammation
  • yeast infections more…

can all benefit from our Heaven & Earth CMHC Hot Spot & Infection Tea Cream For Pets!

Our superior, scientifically advanced formulation is a safe and natural herbal treatment to help soothe your animal companions if they have inflamed and severely irritated skin patches also known as hot spots.

Our Hot Spot & Infection Tea Cream For Pets is of premium quality in every aspect. From the research and development stage, to the ingredients, and finally the manufacturing process this makes our tea cream a great solution for any of your pets suffering from skin irritation of various different sources.

Our highly trained and skilled Chinese Medicine Herbalists have used their knowledge to create a scientifically advanced, proprietary Chinese Herbal Formula! The Hot Spot & Infection Tea Cream For Pets yields immediate results for your suffering pet companions!

See the advanced formula below describing the benefits of each, specific Chinese Herb:

Reed Rhizome: antimicrobial properties, clears heat, hydrating (generates fluids)

Dandelion Plant: antimicrobial properties, clears heat, relieves toxicity, especially important for abscesses, sores and boils

Honeysuckle Flower: antiviral and antimicrobial properties, clears heat, relieves fire toxicity, especially useful for suppurating boils that have not ulcerated, or ulcerated boils that are not discharging pus

Gardenia Flower: antibiotic properties, clears heat, eliminates irritability, reduces swelling, moves blood stasis due to trauma, aids in reducing pain

Gypsum Mineral: clears heat, drains fire, hydrating (generates fluids), benefits irritability, especially useful for eczema, burns, and ulcerated sores

Scutellaria Root: antibiotic properties, immune enhancement properties, clears heat, drains fire, especially important for hot sores and swellings, stops bleeding

Mint Leaf: antibiotic properties, vents rashes to speed recovery, provides cooling and refreshing feeling to the skin

Sophora Root: anti-fungal effect, kills parasites, stops itching, especially useful for skin lesions or infestations with chronic itching, seepage, and bleeding

Most importantly, when all of these Chinese Herbs are combined together as a synergistic formulation, they create a special, potent and unique health solution, making “Hot Spot” & Infection Tea Cream For Pets able to deliver superior health benefits!

Our recipe contains other high-quality ingredients to produce a moisturizing tea cream that brings immediate cooling relief at the site of the pain and irritation. To produce our tea cream we use grape seed oil, a potent anti-oxidant, in addition to an all-natural plant based emulsifier, known as Emulsifying Wax NF, making our cream 99% plant derived.


Apply a small amount of cream to affected area one to three times per day. Can be applied to open wounds and rashes.

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