Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula

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  • Decreased Immune Level
  • Catch a Cold or Flu Easily
  • Consistently Prolonged Rehabilitation Time for Illnesses
  • Low Energy and Weak Digestion
  • Spontaneous Sweating
  • Prolonged Emotions of Grief or Sadness
  • Excellent to take for the promotion of energy (qi), immune and the digestive system as a whole

Earn up to 990 Points.

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Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula

Heaven & Earth CMHC’s Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula is essential for those of you with low immune & energy levels and those desiring to boost their immune alike.

It is designed to ward-off the constant bombardment of opportunistic illness-causing pathogens.

As such, it promotes a healthy Wei Chi creating a protective shell. If you are constantly getting sick and always feel as if you are fighting off an illness, you most likely have weak Wei Chi and are more susceptible to these pathogens.

The Formula

Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula is derived from the classic Four Gentlemen herbal formula.

Its herbal combination is among one of the oldest of Chinese Herbal Medicine. 

It was first used to supplement the energy of tired farmers. An extremely powerful Central Chi Building Formula is created when these four Chinese Herbs are combined together.

Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula includes additional Wei Chi building Chinese Herbs. This creates a scientifically advanced formulation to enhance your immune and energy levels.

Astragalus Huang Qi

A great amount of data has been compiled on one of the oldest and most respected Chinese Herbs in Chinese Medicine – Astragalus Root.

For this reason we have made it the main ingredient in our Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula.

This data states tremendous immune enhancement properties received by those using this Chinese Herb. This includes the tonifcation of your Spleen and Lung Organ Systems. 

Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula benefits:

  • Low Energy
  • Weak Digestive
  • Low Immune
  • Weak Blood
  • Prolonged Rehabilitation Time for Illnesses
  • Spontaneous Sweating
  • Prolonged Emotional Grief & Sadness

Build Your Immune

If you catch colds easily, have chronic low energy and long recovery periods from illness, Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula is an excellent way to promote healthy immune and energy levels.

Our formula assists with your digestion, calms your spirit and cools your Blood.  It helps to balance, regulate and stimulate a healthy immune response. This is the fundamental core of health and longevity based on your body’s daily functions. This is a safe and powerful formula that can be taken long-term and on a regular basis to promote superior health!

Chinese Medicine Listing Associated With Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula:

  • Decreased Immune Level
  • Catch a Cold or Flu Easily
  • Consistently Prolonged Rehabilitation Time for Illnesses
  • Low Energy
  • Weak Digestion
  • Spontaneous Sweating
  • Prolonged Emotions of Grief or Sadness

Possible Chinese Medicine Presentations:

Chinese Medicine pulse diagnostic may present as: deficient, rapid, thin, irregular

Chinese Medicine tongue diagnostic may present as: pale-red with a dry thin coat, may have many surface cracks

Ingredients For Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula

Chinese Names

Huang Qi, Ren Shen, Bai Zhu, Fu Ling, Wu Wei Zi, Gan Cao, Mu Dan Pi, Fang Feng, Mai Men Dong

Common Names

Astragalus Root, Chinese Ginseng Root, Atractylodes Root, Poria, Schizandra Fruit, Licorice, Mouton Root Bark, Siler Root, Ohiopogon

Formula Options with Directions:

Powdered: Our formulas are made to order and then carefully ground into a fine powder. You can then make a draft out of the powder, in which you either steep with hot water or boil the powder with water, to make a tea (and yes, you can drink the dregs). Please see: Powder Dosage & Cooking Instructions. You can also add the powder to food–like a smoothie or encapsulate the powder yourself, if so desired.

Capsuled: The formula is made to order and then carefully ground into a fine powder and encapsulated into vegetarian capsules for you. This is a very popular option especially when convenience is important. 25, 100, 200 or 300, 400 & 1,200 capsule options are available.

Standard Capsule Dosage: 1-3 capsules, 3 times per day. This is a general guideline for capsule dosing. Higher or lower dosages may be appropriate for your exact requirements.

Additional information

Weight0.44 lbs

Whole-Herb Powder, Capsules


Bai Zhu, Fang Feng, Fu Ling, Gan Cao, Huang Qi, Mai Men Dong, Mu Dan Pi, Ren Shen, Wu Wei Zi

2 reviews for Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dina Wiseman

    Great supplement for Lungs in cold winter time

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Stewart

    This is an easy to use formula for energy and increasing immunity. I particularly like this product because it tastes in such a way that my daughter (as well as my wife and I) enjoys using it.

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