Joint & Circulation Health Support Powder For Dogs

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  • Building Strength in Ligaments, Tendons & Bones
  • Relieving Pain in Stiff & Inflamed Joints
  • Promoting Free & Relaxed Movement
  • Promoting Strength in Hips and Lower Back
  • Promoting Healing of All Types of Injuries
  • Promoting a Healthy Circulatory System
  • Promoting Healthy Elimination

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Heaven & Earth CMHC Joint & Circulation Health Support Powder For Dogs

We are proud to offer our scientifically advanced Heaven & Earth CMHC Joint & Circulation Health Support Powder For Dogs.  Our dog formulas are essential in increasing the health and vitality of your precious k-9 companion.

Joint & Circulation Health Support Powder For Dogs:

  • Builds Strength in Ligaments, Tendons & Bones
  • Relieves Pain in Stiff & Inflamed Joints
  • Promotes Free & Relaxed Movement
  • Promotes Strength in Hips and Lower Back
  • Promotes Healing of All Types of Injuries
  • Promotes a Healthy Circulatory System
  • Promotes Healthy Elimination

 It may also assist with:

  • Low energy & immune
  • Muscle pain
  • Neural disorders
  • Lower back weakness
  • General poor health

Increase Circulation, Increased Health! 

Our specialized formula assists in regulating, promoting and maintaining the Heart, Liver and Kidney Organ Systems. This can promote a state of general well-being. There has been extraordinarily great success using this formula with older dogs not being able to move their extremities due to stiffness and pain.

Long-Term Use

Joint & Circulation Health Support Powder For Dogs may be used long-term, months to years, for chronic joint health problems. It may be used as a preventive measure to promote joint health and longevity for a happier and healthier quality of life!

We also offer our other specially devised powders including:

for the long-term health and longevity of your dog companions.

At Heaven & Earth CMHC we are passionate about our four-legged companions and have helped many dogs [and their owners!] to live with greater levels of health and longevity.

If you would like an in-depth Dog Health Support Powder Formula Mixing Guide Click HERE!

Please, always seek a medical health professional under any emergency conditions.


Sheng Di, Chuan Xiang, Wei Ling Xiang, Dan Shen, Ji Xue Teng, Sang Ji Sheng, Mu Dan Pi, Niu Xi, Gou Qi Zi, Huang Qin, Mu Xiang, Bai Shao


Dosage is based on weight. Each dosage can be taken once or twice daily.

  • Small size dogs: Up to 25 lbs. = ¼ teaspoon of powder.
  • Medium size dogs: 25 to 60 lbs. = ½ teaspoon of powder.
  • Large size dogs: 60 lbs. and up = ¾ teaspoon of powder.


  1. Add food, cookie, or favorite treat to bowl.
  2. Sprinkle herbal powder on top of food.
  3. Add small amount of water and mix with spoon until blended.

Note: Many times dogs will eat the food and powder mixture without adding the water. If food is of the canned or wet-type, you may skip step #3.

Please store all of our herbal powders in a cool and dry place.

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2 reviews for Joint & Circulation Health Support Powder For Dogs

  1. Kakr

    We keep this on hand for our nearly 10 year young chocolate lab. He has had double torn ACLs, has elbow dysplasia and arthritis. This product along with Benefit Hips and Knees solely helped his two knees heal without multiple visits to the vet and without surgery! We give him this as needed now and keeps him spry, energetic and a sparkle in his eyes. We notice his eyes duller when we do not give to him Joint and Circulation Health. It is easy to mix with his kibble and food and we know it is giving him long term wellness with no side effects, costly Rxs, and our vets are amazed he healed his knees on his own. Our pets are wonderful teachers of self healing and it gives us peace of mind to have H&E Chinese Medicines to complement it.

  2. Dawn Dowd

    So I don’t need to re-type, I will advise you to read the review of Kidney Health Powder if you want more of the story. Here, I will write that Joint Health Support and Kidney Health support, used together, have put our hunting dog back in the field (and playing hard the rest of the time). He’s only 8 which isn’t old for a GSP but he was declared an arthritis factory by our vet. Thanks to Heaven and Earth (read TEAH), he’s comfortable, his regime is affordable and so we’re all happy.

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