Special VIP Consultation Program

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  • In-Depth Initial Consult For the Serious Minded
    • Chinese Medicine Mapping of Your Body
    • Unmasking Complex Patterns
    • Giving Direction to Your Unique Health Needs
    • Personalized Care
  • 3 Follow-up Consultations over the course of the year (Usually completed quarterly)
  • VIP Discounts on ALL Heaven & Earth Brand Products
  • Includes Custom Formulas
  • Free Shipping & Handling on ALL orders
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Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center – Special VIP Consultation Program

The Special VIP Consultation Program is a long-term, custom program for those of you seeking direct, one-on-one assistance. This will give you a serious start on your healing journey within the bounds of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Note-This purchase includes a year of  Heaven & Earth CMHC Customized Chinese Herbal Formulas:

  • as a concentrated, super-refined powder
  • customized capsules
  • or a combination of both 
  • Scientifically Advanced Herbal Face & Body Tea Creams

Consultations Process

Over the course of a year, our service includes four-six consultations not including the initial, in-depth consultation. Most likely, the consultations will occur on a quarterly basis.

Once purchased, you will be sent an in-depth consult document form via your email account to fill out in detail. It can easily take an hour or longer to complete. You will then return the form to the same email account in which you received it.

You will also need to send two pictures each:

  • a full body shot (clothed please!)
  • top of the tongue
  • the underside of tongue [sub-lingual area]
  • and frontal facial shots

Many of our customers have used their phone camera with great success. The pictures just need to be clear. Please send them to the same email address.

Special VIP Consultation Program Form Details

The in-depth consultation document has been created to give our H&E CMHC Chinese Herbalist a highly detailed view of your body’s unique internal processes. It will ask you to report the quality of your health involving all aspects of your body.

This can include health issues such as:

  • red eyes
  • light-sensitivity
  • heart palpitations
  • sleep quality
  • elimination
  • appetite
  • weak digestion

With each question, there is a space provided for you to include your own thoughts and to add extra details. This format can also be used to help a loved one, family member or a friend in getting personal assistance.

Practitioner Time & Care

Once you submit the form and pictures, your Chinese Herbalist will assess your unique Chinese Medicine Patterns. The assessment will include research time to gain a complete picture of your Internal Organ Systems. This will determine the different layers of Daily Disharmonies that exist and how they interrelate. Please allow up to seven business days for this process to be completed.

Multiple & Complex Chinese Medicine Patterns

In our experience, most everyone evaluated by our Heaven & Earth Chinese Herbalist will have both complex and multiple Chinese Medicine Patterns. These patterns have been accumulating over many years, if not starting from birth. It takes rare skill, and knowledge to truly understand the state of your internal organ systems and how to balance them. This is why so many customers have come to us for the Special  VIP Consultation Program.

What Should You Expect?

With all of the information gathered, your Chinese Herbalist will proceed in connecting your major health concerns with the Chinese Medicine Patterns. 

Your Heaven & Earth Chinese Herbalists will contact you to set up a personal phone call discussing a long-term Chinese Herbal Program Strategy.

You will then receive customized formulas in a powder form to be cooked and made into a tea, or capsules [or both] utilizing their unique synergistic properties. The custom Chinese Herbal Formulas are the true and advanced scientific way to properly address your exact needs when complex and multi-layered patterns exist.

Custom Chinese Herbal Formulas

The creation of a Custom Herbal Formula is the core essence of Chinese Herbal Medicine. It takes rare internal knowledge, experience and great skill to create a customize formula. We will utilize an  inventory of over 300 specially prepared and preserved whole herbs. We carry the highest grade, quality herbs tested and evaluated by the U.S. government.

This long-distance approach has been available since 2000 with wonderful and lasting results. If you are serious about your long-term health and cannot find a local Chinese Herbalist, then please take advantage of this rare opportunity to work with our experienced practitioners.

  • In-Depth Consult For the Serious Minded
  • Chinese Medicine Mapping of Your Body
  • Unmasking Complex Chinese Medicine Patterns
  • Giving Direction to Your Unique Health Needs
  • Personalized Care
  • Custom Made Formulas
  • Includes Initial Consultation and three additional follow-ups over the course of one year

Other Information:

As a Special VIP Consultation Program participant, you will receive discounts on all Heaven & Earth CMHC Formulas. Shipping & Handling is always free as a Special VIP Consultation Program Participant.

Directions & Dosing Instructions

For complete directions, please see our Directions & Dosage Instructions.

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5 reviews for Special VIP Consultation Program

  1. Deanna Forsythe

    David and Teah have the most integrity and knowledge you’ll find anywhere. The consults David conducts are in-depth and his expertise is incredibly helpful. Also, if you need customized care, you’re in the best hands possible. Dee from Milwaukee, WI

  2. Drew Trabish

    Excellent service and great diagnosticians! Figured out problems that other doctors and acupuncturists had missed for years! very committed to helping.

  3. Jennifer French

    I first came across Heaven and Earth CMHC looking for answers to some fairly serious health issues. Western medicine never had any answers for me. Even with all of their tests and bloodwork, they had never really helped me with any problems I had ever had in the past. So due to some new, more serious symptoms I was currently having, I began searching for a different route. After perusing the website, it quickly became clear to me, that with my serious symptoms, I needed an expert to guide me through my healing journey. Teah has been that expert! I began working with her almost a year ago, and my health has dramatically improved due to the custom formulas she has prepared for me. Almost immediately, I saw results and felt so much better! I highly recommend her and these formulas to anyone who is suffering from poor health. Teah has a very special way about her that makes you just “know” that she truly cares about helping you. She feels like a friend right from the start. I found her to be extremely comforting during a time when I really needed someone to comfort and encourage me. She is always happy to answer my questions, and it still amazes me how different TCM is from Western Medicine! If you were to ask your doctor about some seemingly insignificant symptom, they would likely have NO clue what would cause such a thing. Everything unexplainable to them is “in your head”. But with TCM, they know what all of these tiny symptoms are caused from. And it all makes perfect sense once you get at least a small grasp on it. So I encourage people to give this a try!

    But remember, the longer you have had the health issue, the longer it will take for your body to heal. So don’t try it at all if you’re not going to totally commit. If you totally commit, you will see results! And what could be more important here on this earth than to be healthy and feel well?

  4. Julia Krikunova

    My husband and I use custom formulas created by David from our consultation. They are great and we advise everyone to take advantage of this great offering. Hello Anyone, Anyone looking to work with a Traditional Chinese Medicine company is well advised to choose Heaven and Earth. Their formulas can change your life! I am writing this review in full honesty and for no other reason that to share with others, an exceptional opportunity to improve and transform your life. My wife and I have been customers for years, recently having David do a consultation. If you are serious about enjoying excellent health, you will begin using this website and their products.

  5. Amy Parker

    Heaven and Chinese Herb company and their incredible staff saved my life. I came to them on a recommendation from a loving and very intelligent family in April 2011. I have never turned back. I was suffering severely from several severe issues. At recommendation I immediately stopped my Western medications, and began to take the custom tea they made specifically for me. I do not know if I would be as healthy, or possibly even alive if it weren’t for them! I am so grateful the the many outcomes. I just wanted to feel better, which I amazingly did with in the first three weeks. I had energy, and my stress and anxiety levels completely changed. I thought I would be on pills forever. Thank you H&E for all you have done for me, right down to customer service that was welcoming and confidential. Not to mention the quick delivery time. I never have had to worry once. Thank you, Amy

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