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The Cooling Detox is great to help with any kind of inflammation! Use it to help you combat warm flushes, excessive sweating, red skin, red face, hot temper and more!

Loquat & Mulberry Tea is amazing for coughs and sore throats! This is a must to keep in your HERBAL MEDICINE CABINET, at work, or in your day bag, so it’s there for you, INSTANTLY, this winter season when you need it!

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Cold, Flu & Sinus with Immune & Chi Tonics (Lung System Focus)

Intense Regenerative Formulas, Special Focus on Blood Tonics

Digestion Cleansers (Focus on Wetness & Wet-Heat)

Kidney Tonics, Special Focus on Yin

Liver Cleansers, Including Gallbladder, Wet-Heat & Liver Fire

Intense Heat, Including Gallbladder, Heart Fire, Wet-Heat & Liver Fire

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