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This Year the Flu is hitting the population especially hard. It’s widespread. It started earlier in the season than usual and is expected to climb to higher numbers since it’s last swell back in 2011. 

Did You Get The Flu Shot?

Perhaps you did… Perhaps you didn’t or won’t! Regardless of your disposition, Chinese Herbs are something that should always be integrated into your lifestyle. Your body needs constant super-charged nutrition, and that is exactly what Chinese Herbal Formulas can do! 

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Take Control of Your Health!
The Powder of Chinese Herbs To Impact Your Health For the Positive is Vast!

Why Not Try Something Different?

If you prefer natural medicine, perhaps it’s time to consider these two powerful Chinese Herbal Formulas comprised of 19 KEY IMMUNE ENHANCING CHINESE HERBS. They are known to naturally, effectively battle the flu and build up your immune system

19 Super Chinese Herbs — Proven Over the Centuries!

Each Chinese Herb has incredible powers in battling the flu, and in promoting a healthy Immunal Response! Below is an in-depth description of these two, powerful formulas. We also have some great scientific data on a few of the Chinese Herbs if you’d like to learn more about this particular subject.

Chinese Herbal Medicine’s Advanced Herbal Combinations

For MILLENNIA, these Chinese Herbal Formulations have been refined into beautiful, modern compositions. They have been augmented for the complex problems of TODAY.

Warming Chinese Herbal Formula

Take advantage of what the Chinese Medicine sage’s of the past have refined over time, and that our expert Chinese Herbalists have built off of for our current era. Power up your life and health for greater success with our Heaven & Earth CMHC Chinese Herbal Formulas! 

The Featured Formulas

Two Formulas: The Secret to Success

Why Two Formulas?

Promoting your immune and battling the flu, with the truly natural means of Chinese Herbal Formulas, MUST be strategic to be effective! 

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Time to Detox

For this article, Chinese Herbal Medicine formulation strategies can be designated into two, specific categories:

1) Clearing or Detoxing

2) Tonifying or Strengthening 

Clearing is a strategy implemented when something is present in your body that you DO NOT want. 

This could present as: 

  • Phlegm 
  • Heat or Fire which are both best described as the various types of inflammation & infection 
  • Damp-Heat which is a combination of the these two substances 
  • “The Flu” (presented as Wind-Heat or Wind-Cold] which are the specific TCM presentations
  • Many other presentations that are not being discussed here

Strengthening or Tonifying is a strategy employed at two, specific timings.

The first is when a Deficiency [weakness] to any degree, is present. Even mild bloating after a meal would be considered a weakness of your Spleen Chi [digestion]. This would merit the administration of a Chinese Herbal Spleen Chi Tonic to enhance your immune system.

The second key timing for utilizing Chinese Herbal Tonic Formulas is when Clearing and Tonifying Chinese Herbal Strategies are both necessary to achieve the goal in mind. Most of you  fall into this category. 

The reason for this is because our modern era is VERY COMPLEX, comprising multi-layers of co-mingling Chinese Medicine Patterns in various stages. 

Why are there complex, Chinese Medicine Patterns in our day in age….

Well, take pollution in it’s various forms, chemicals in food, the complexity of the modern life, abuse of drugs or alcohol, extreme emotions, incorrect treatment of health issues… and VIOLA… born are the VERY COMPLEX Chinese Medicine Patterns.

Strength vs. Weakness Switch
Every Person Is Unique
All Signs, No Direction
A Clear Path Takes You To Your Desired Goal

…Getting back to Battling the Flu & Strengthening Your Immune

When you have two, very specific Chinese Medicine Strategies in mind, you risk muddling your focus if you do not keep them split into two dynamic purposes, both working in tandem.

What is important here is that combining these two Chinese Medicine Strategies of both clearing and tonifying are advanced solutions that can ultimately and effectively create a powerful remedy.

And so, we present this two pronged, dynamic approach for EFFECTIVE, Natural Herbal Therapy:

The Clearing Strategy: Our Drive Out the Flu & Infection (Heat) Formula

The Tonic Strategy: Our Immune Booster 7 Formula

Noe, Let’s Discuss When Do I Take Each Formula?

The Drive-Out The Flu & Infection (Heat-Type) Formula should be taken if you have a cold, of course–making it essential to always have on hand.

There are other uses of this great formula as well. You can take it for the Chinese Medicine Pattern of  Upper Jiao Heat Conditions. This is best described as upper body inflammation and irritation which could manifest as:

  • hay-fever
  • allergies
  • MSG reactions
  • food poisoning
  • or a hangover!

No Kidding!

You can also begin taking this formula to help set-up your system, essentially cleaning it from the inside, helping to prepare your body for adverse environments. This will then assist you in being less-reactive to these environments. This is a preventative strategy.

The Immune Booster 7 Formula can be taken anytime, especially after you have been sick and require rejuvenating. This will help give your complete system an exponential boost!

Boosting your system is essential this flu season!

The Immune Booster 7 Formula can, and should, be taken almost anytime–EXCEPT when you do start to come down with something. At that point you should immediately stop taking any type of a tonic, and transition to the Drive Out Flu & Infection (Heat-Type) Formula.

Drive Out Flu & Infection (Heat-Type) Formula

Review by Elaine Curley – April 11, 2016

“I was one of those people who was always fighting a terrible cold……literally 3 to 4 times a year.(for years) Sore throat, it would move to my chest and terrible sinus issues. Lasted for weeks. I was referred to once as sickly because of my constant colds. And by all outward appearances, I looked healthy and take good care of myself. After one especially bad winter, Teah suggested I try “drive out flu and cold (infection heat) formula. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been 3 years since I have had a cold. I take the formula through the winter to be safe….and if I start to feel like a cold’s starting, I drink 4 to 6 oz. every 4 hours until subsided. It has been a lifesaver! When everyone around me is sick….. I am not!!!!!! So happy to keep this product in my cupboard. My friends have started using it with great results also! Thanks Teah!!!!!! It’s a must!” 

About Drive Out the Flu & Infection (Heat-Type) Formula

Our Heaven & Earth CMHC Drive Out Flu & Infection (Heat-Type) Formula is an essential formula to have on hand and take immediately in helping to drive out an acute flu or cold condition that has turned into a Heat Condition.

This can be associated with complaints of:

  • a sore or scratchy throat
  • fever
  • achy body
  • lung infection
  • swollen glands
  • dry mouth or increased thirst
  • vivid dreams and, or delirium
  • tongue red or just with red tip
  • green/yellow colored phlegm
  • profuse mid-level sweating
  • red eyes
  • headache
Drive Out Flu & Infection (Heat-Type) Formula

If you don’t have a heat-type cold, then click here to purchase the cold-type cold formula which presents as:

  • massive aches
  • clear/white phlegm
  • mild sweating
  • sinus pressure
Drive Out Flu & Cold (Cold-Type) Formula

The 12 Miracle Chinese Herbs of the Drive-Out Flu & Infection [Heat-Type] Formula

Lian Qiao – Forsythia Fruit

Lian Qiao has anti-inflammatory properties, antibiotic properties, excellent for any type of fever, clears exterior Wind-Heat (flu attack), and relieves heat toxins including nodules or abscesses.
Lian Qiao Forsythia Fruit
Lian Qiao - Forsythia Fruit

Jin Yin Hua – Honeysuckle Flower

Jin Yin Hua has antiviral and antimicrobial properties, clears heat, relieves fire toxicity, and especially useful for suppurating boils that have not ulcerated, or ulcerated boils that are not discharging pus

Jie Geng – Platycodon Root

Jie Geng opens and circulates the Lungs, resolves phlegm, soothes and benefits the throat, clears pus and directs all herbs in the formula to the Lungs.

Jin Yin Hua Honeysuckle Flower
Jin Yin Hua - Honeysuckle Flower

Dan Zhu Ye – Bland Bamboo Leaf

Dan Zhu Yu is know to Clear Heat, including Wind-Heat (flu attack) as well as calming irritability and restlessness. Also promotes urination and eliminates Wet-Heat (that so often inhabits the lower body (genitals, legs, feet).

Bo He – Mint Leaf

Bo He has antibiotic properties, vents rashes to speed recovery, provides cooling and refreshing feeling to the surface (skin, mouth, eyes)

Dan Zhu Yu Bland Bamboo Leaf
Dan Zhu Yu - Bland Bamboo Leaf

Gan Cao – Licorice Root

Gan Cao is a key herb in this formula because of it’s dual action to both strengthen and detoxify the body. It can tonify the Spleen Chi, moisten the Lungs, and Stop Coughing. It also has the ability to detoxify, countering poisons of various sorts and Clears Heat. It’s also included in this formation because it helps to harmonize all of the herbs together, making the formula acting like one cohesive function.
Gan Cao - Licorice Root
Gan Cao - Licorice Root

Niu Bang Zi – Arctium Seed

Niu Bang Zi dredges and disperses Wind-Heat, particularly presenting as infections of the upper respiratory tract and throat. Also detoxifies by clearing Fire Toxins and promotes eruptions. The unique function of this herb to promote eruptions is indicative of it’s nature to uproot deep Chi (energy) and substances in the body, and bring it to the surface (exterior). This function is especially important in this formulation for two purposes. The first, to energize the bodies fighting immune response. The second, to uproot any fire-toxins deep within the body that may make you more susceptible to any type of exterior attack.

Niu Bang Zi Chinese herb
Niu Bang Zi - Arctium Seed

Lu Gen – Reed Rhizome

Lu Gen has antimicrobial properties, clears heat, and is hydrating (generates fluids). The hydrating function of this herb is especially important in this formula, helping to bring immediate relief to an inflamed system that is stagnant with phlegm congestion.

The fluids help to moisten any phlegm so it can then be moved out of the system. This hydrating function is also important because it helps to protect the bodies fluids, which is especially important when fighting any flu-type problem. Also relieves thirst.

Lu Gen Reed Rhizome
Lu Gen - Reed Rhizome

Xuan Shen – Scrophlaria Root

Xuan Shen is excellent in it’s abilities to Clear Heat, and Cool the Blood. Also Clears Deficiency Fire (like your car overheating because it doesn’t have enough coolant) and Relieves Restlessness.

Clears Toxins and Reduces Hardness and Swelling. Antibacterial, Anti-hypertensive and Antiviral properties. Especially good for sore throat (chronic or acute) and swollen glands, even when dryness is present. Protects the fluids (Yin).

Xuan Shen Chinese herb
Xuan Shen - Scrophlaria Root

Qian Hu – Peucedanum Root

Qian Hu disperses Wind-Heat and Wind-Cold, resolves phlegm and circulates the Lungs, helping to relieve cough and moisten the lower body

Qian Hu Chinese Herb
Qian Hu - Peucedanum Root

Ban Lan Gen – Isatis Root

Ban Lan Gen is used to Remove Toxic Heat, to Reduce Heat in the Blood, and to soothe the sore throat, hot-feverish diseases, excellent for swollen glands and even useful for the mumps. 

The Immune Booster 7 Formula

Amazing Reviews of the Immune Booster 7 Formula

Sean Dibbern  

“My fiancee and I both took this prior to flying over sea’s to Europe. I normally get a cold in the first two days as a result of breathing everyone’s germs on the 9 hour flight to Germany. Neither one of us got sick this time!!!”

Marlena Baker  

“I have been suffering with allergies for over 50 years. Recently I visited another country – 29 hrs on planes! Normally I become very sick w/allergies. I took this immune mixture in capsule form I have had NO recurrences of allergies at any time to this day. My sinuses are clear, eyes do not water, skin does not itch. This is a miracle!!”

About the Immune Booster 7 Formula

At Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center believe the best defense against the Avian flu virus, Swine Flu virus, or any other for that matter, relies on a healthy and well maintained immune system. One of Chinese Herbal Medicine’s main directives is that your body should always have a high level of Wei Chi [immune energy] protection to fight an outside invasion of a pathogen.
Immune Booster 7
We have formulated our Heaven & Earth CMHC Immune Booster 7 Formula to help assist in maintaining, promoting and regulating your defensive system against outside pathogens. The main Chinese Herb in our Immune Booster 7 Formula is Huang Qi [Astragalus Root] with its years of research and its powerful effects on your immune system.

The 7 Incredible Herbs in the Immune Booster 7

Huang Qi – Astragalus Root

Astragalus is used mainly to tonify your Chi source and to restore the Yang Energy of your body. Huang Qi is one of the first and most utilized herbs in Chinese Herbal Medicine dating back to around 100 A. D. Its name is translated as Yellow Leader. It is used for such patterns as spontaneous or excess perspiration, low energy, cellular regeneration, edema, slow healing wounds, internal injuries, loose stools [diarrhea due to spleen/lung weakness, wet-phlegm chronic cough, low immune and prolapsed organs].

Astragalus is also useful in treating night sweating, joint pain, skin ulcers, burns, and anemia. Huang Qi has high anti-oxidant fighting off free-radicals and blood enhancing properties increasing white, red and platelet levels within bone marrow development. Huang Qi has been used in China for such serious diseases such as coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure [CHF], ischemic cerebral vascular disease, bronchial asthma in pediatrics patients, B hepatitis, nephritis, viral coronary disease, cellulitis, diabetes and peptic ulcers.*

Huang Qi Astragalus Root Chinese Herb
Huang Qi - Astragalus Root

Ling Zhi – Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom is one of the oldest mushrooms known to be used medicinally, as it has been used in China for over 4,000 years! This is one of the most important herbs for promoting the immune system because of its’ tonifying effect on the Lungs and Wei Qi. 

Western studies have shown that this herb not only benefits the lungs but asthma and the respiratory system as well. In Chinese Medicine, it is known to tonify the digestion, helping to promote Qi and Blood creation of the Spleen. Many studies, both in the East and West, continue to reveal Ling Zhi’s potential in fighting cancer, giving much hope and promise.*

Ling Zhi Rei Shi Mushroom Chinese Herb
Ling Zhi - Reishi Mushroom

Da Zao – Chinese Date

Da Zao is used in many digestive formulas to help to benefit the spleen and stomach Qi, promote inhibition of allergic reactions, nourish the blood and calm the mind. Da Zao has been used in China to treat aplastic anemia, high blood pressure, nervous disorders and tumor growths. Da Zao is commonly used in combination with Qi tonifying herbs such as Dang Shen-Codonopsis, Huang Qi-Astragalus, Ren Shen-Chinese Ginseng and Sheng Jiang-Ginger Root.* 

Da Zao Chinese Date Chinese Herb
Da Zao - Chinese Date

Bai Zhu – Atractylodis

Bai Zhu is another highly commonly used tonic herb in treating the digestive system affecting the Spleen and benefiting the body’s qi level leading to correct water metabolism, blood propagation, and energy levels. The spleen is the initial organ in promoting a healthy immune system [Wei Qi]. The Spleen’s proper functional nature is warm and dry. 

Bai Zhu helps to eliminate wetness/dampness within the Spleen. It is widely used for spontaneous sweating, anemia, bloating, diarrhea, over-thinking, and dwelling, undigested food in the stool, edema, fatigue, excess mucus or phlegm, prostate swelling, joint pain due to dampness, low to no appetite and muscle weakness.*

Bai Zhu Chinese Herb
Bai Zhu - Atractylodis Root

Wu Wei Zi – Schisandra Berry

Wu Wei Zi [meaning five flavor fruit] is a strong antioxidant with wonderful stress reducing qualities. There are many Chinese Herbal Formulas based on this herb for insomnia type patterns. Wu Wei Zi helps to regulate the liver and improves respiratory function [Lung Qi] especially those with a chronic cough. It is has been added to the Immune Booster 7 for its immune modulating function making it useful for conditions involving low immunity, autoimmune disorders, and immune stress disorders. 

In TCM terms, Wu Wei Zi qualities involve Yin astringent energy, promoting Chi, regulating body fluid levels and calming the Heart [allowing the Shen or Spirit to rest for insomnia]. It is also useful for frequent urination, asthma-type patterns, premature and nocturnal sperm loss, night sweats [Yin deficiency], diarrhea, spontaneous sweating, vivid dreaming [nightmares], excess thirst and heart/chest palpitations. Wu Wei Zi has been used in China for such bio-medical patterns such as AIDS, hepatitis, and diabetes.*

Wu Wei Zi Chinese Herb
Wu Wei Zi - Schisandra Berry

Ju Hua – Chrysanthemum flower

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antihypertensive

Ju Hua is a very common herb [flower] used in China for decades as a way to clear and move heat out of the body especially as seen with red eyes [conjunctivitis type] as related to the opening of the Liver. Ju Hua is also used for common colds that have worsened clearing the wind invasion and heat [infection, fever and sore throat].

Ju Hua alone is a common tea or refreshing drink that is safe to use on a long-term basis as a type of detox regimen. It is great for headaches related to Liver Yang rising, again showing as excess heat in the eyes, face, fevers, and breath. Ju Hua is known in China for its anti-pyretic [blood heat], anti-inflammatory and relieving effects on high blood pressure.*

Ju Hua Chinese Herb
Ju Hua - Chrysanthemum Flower

Fang Feng – Siler Root

Fang Feng is a main ingredient in our Immune Booster 7 Formula. Siler Root’s nature is of an outward movement, taking the other herbs to the body’s surface reinforcing its protective energy [Wei Qi].

Fang Feng is also used in formulas as a releasing herb to expel dampness and locked or blocked energy in joint pain patterns, chills, headaches and general body pain. It is also used in complex formulas relating to bio-medical diseases such as nervous system irregularities relating to limb trembling and diarrhea [internal wind] and spasms.

Fang Feng Chinese Herb
Fang Feng - Siler Root

The Winning Strategy

Woman with ice bag for headaches and migraines

1) The Drive-Out The Flu & Infection (Heat-Type) Formula should be taken if you have a cold, of course–making it essential to always have on hand.

2) There are other uses of this great formula as well. You can take it for the Chinese Medicine Pattern of  Upper Jiao Heat Conditions. This is best described as upper body inflammation and irritation which could manifest as: hay-fever, allergies and even MSG reactions, food poisoning or a hangover! No Kidding!

3) You can also begin taking this formula to help set-up your system, essentially cleaning it from the inside, helping to prepare your body for adverse environments. This will then assist you in being less-reactive to these environments. This is a preventative strategy.

4) The Immune Booster 7 Formula can be taken anytime, espcially after you have been sick and require rejuvinating. This will help give your complete system an exponential boost! Boosting your system is essential this flu season!

The Immune Booster 7 Formula can, and should, be taken anytime–EXCEPT when you do start to come down with something. At that point you should immediately stop taking any type of a tonic, and transition to the Drive Out Flu & Infection (Heat-Type) Formula.

Whether or not you currently having a cold, purchase both of these formulas today and prepare to 

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*These findings and usages of all the herbs listed are strictly found in China and not claimed by Heaven & Earth CMHC.