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We have updated our site to be more user friendly with our TCM Education Center, Daily Disharmonies – product categories found in the Chinese Medicine Search. Try our  Correspondence Index Page, our in-depth Chinese Medicine Patterns Body Guide, our powerful site-wide search engine and so much more!

It is our sincerest desire that when you are taking a self-directed approach  you may have all the necessary resources available to make a proper purchasing decision.

We also understand that Traditional Chinese Medicine may not be an easy subject to fully comprehend, so please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the specific products you may decided on.

Please note–We will not be able to offer any direction as to herbal strategies or a TCM diagnosis without an in-depth consultation which will reveal your unique patterns of imbalance.

We do care and want you to receive support with Chinese healing herbs!

For us to be able to give a level of expert advice, we can only do so with integrity through an in-depth consultation process. You are a unique individual with completely unique manifestation of Chinese Medicine Patterns. As a policy to ensure that every customer has the best experience possible; we do not offer generic “take this for that” advice just to make a quick sale. Proper and long lasting results are our main goal.

To learn more about our two consultation options, please see our VIP Program & Critical Cases Program below.

Phone numbers:
Greater Seattle Area: 425-277-5181
Toll Free: 1-888-649-2182

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Chinese Herbal Medicine Custom Programs

If you do have the need for individual and personalized direction and assistance, we offer two different types of programs. Both programs have the capacity to dive deeper into how Chinese Medicine Patterns of imbalance can manifest. By knowing your Chinese Medicine Patterns, we can target your specific health issues of concern and start to bring you back into a state of harmony, balance and vitality!

Custom Chinese Herbal VIP Programs