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6 thoughts on “Help & Support

  1. wmarkfrank says:

    Hey David,

    I wanted to give a two-year update on my now 14-year-old Maltese.

    As you may remember, I consulted with you two years ago when my little one, then 12, had what seemed a seizure, for which I rushed her to her vet. She was put on fluids and antibiotics for a day and released to come home with a strong recommendation based on a test that she had abdominal cancer. I took her to a specialist and tested their x-rays, and it was determined she had a growth in her chest. The cancer specialist suggested that, given her age and the size of the growth, he could not recommend surgery. Given the chances that a positive prognosis was not likely, and she may well die on the operating table, I looked for alternative options.

    Well, under the Herbs you recommended taken twice daily in her food, I am happy to report that now, at 14, she has the energy and stamina of a young girl. She runs and plays with one of the younger females I have, and still, even after what she has been through, she is the dominant member of the pack. Her energy and stamina are that of a dog significantly younger.

    When I initially discussed her health issues, you made no commitment but gave me a sense of relief that there was hope. September will be two years, and I am confident that the three Herbs you recommended have been instrumental in her health and vitality.

    I am thankful for the service you have provided. I am also pleased that you inspired me to learn more about Chinese health and the “secrets” to health in such a proactive manner.

    I attended a private consultation with you and have followed your recommendations. Now, at 72 years old, I take no medicines and live an active and fulfilling life. I cannot imagine a circumstance where you will not be a trusted health advisor.

    Many thanks,

    Mark Frank
    Frisco, Texas

  2. rwhall55 says:

    Hello Teah and David,
    I am new to taking herbal medicine. I have issues with no libido, no ejaculated, frequent night time urination, enlarge prostate, depression and anxiety. I have ordered Fire of life kidney Yang and Prostate health support formula. Do you think that I should also get Free Easy and Relaxing Harmonize Liver and Spleen Formula? I do have depression and clinch my teeth alot. I know all the formula help with many issues. Your EXPERTISE will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks. Bob

    1. rwhall55 says:

      I guess you don’t answer any of these questions. I should have known. I just hope that the formulas that I ordered do something. Thanks for not responding.

      1. Hi Rwhall55,

        Please allow us a few days to respond to comments on the website. If you would like a more immediate answer, you may always call us at our toll-free number which is 1-888-649-2182.

        With your description of your problems, it certainly seems to me like you are on the right track and have made excellent suggestions. Free, Easy & Relaxing Formula can help with depression and teeth clenching, especially as it pertains to Liver Chi Congestion. You can always start with the capsule trial and just give it a try to see how you do. This is an easy way to get started and discover if something can be of benefit to you.

        Thank you,

  3. acommonthread says:

    Question: Can I take Magnolia Flowers and Linking Decoction together? I have post nasal drip and acid reflux? Thanks and Happy New Year, Christine

    1. Hi Christine,

      Yes, you certainly can take multiple formulas at the same time.

      Thank you!

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