Your Three Options

When choosing a Chinese Herbal Formula at Heaven & Earth CMHC there are three main paths to follow for your personal health and healing. These three options do vary on the level what kind of one-on-one assistance and direction we offer.

Self-Directed Approach

The first option is the self-directed approach. We provide plenty of quality information to help you make the best self-directed decisions. We have an extensive TCM Education Center, as well as many blog posts on a wide variety of interesting subjects. There will be a great deal of information published on individual formulas. You can also call and speak to a Chinese Herbal expert on the phone regarding uses of any of the formulas that you may be considering. This option does not offer specific, individualized pattern discernment and assistance. 

One-On-One Assistance

The second option is our VIP Program I. This for those of you requiring personal guidance and direction with a customized Chinese Herbal Program, but to a lesser degree than our third option, the VIP Program II Critical Case. This option becomes the perfect solution for those of you who are ready for personal assistance but does not require the high intensity of a fully tailored and monitored approach based on a critical situation. Most of you will fall into this option.

Critical Cases Program

The third and final option, our VIP Program II Critical Case, offers a fully tailored, customized formula Chinese Herbal Program to balance critical, complex and multi-layered Chinese Medicine Patterns. With this program we completely tailor the Chinese Herbal Program regimen as we closely monitor your progress, continuing to tailor the Chinese Herbal Program as your patterns change. This process of continual adjustments is vitally important as a KEY TO SUCCESS.

The Yearly Process

If you are thinking about either the VIP Program I or the VIP Program II Critical Case, there is something you should first know. Each program has a one year commitment. Over the last two decades that Heaven & Earth CMHC has been in business, we’ve done our best to make it abundantly clear that creating change with Chinese Herbal Formulations is a process that takes time and must be continually engaged in with consistency.

For this reason we are now asking anyone who wants to work privately together, one-on-one with one of our expert Chinese Herbalists, a minimum commitment of one year. This is the time frame that is included when purchasing either of our VIP Programs primarily meant to unmask your personal Chinese Medicine Patterns and then create a custom Chinese Herbal Program to balance and harmonize your Five Organ Systems.

We do understand that the yearly commitment may not be feasible for everyone. Please note that for those of who are not able to work with one of our Chinese Herbalist, we do continue to offer our FREE content as a means of helping you, AND we are happy to discuss, in general, any of our products over the phone.

Comparing The Two VIP Programs

The main difference between the two VIP Programs is the type of person that will benefit from either program. Please see description below to see which program best fits your situation.

Who The VIP Program I Is For

If you who have had some success doing your own research through the self-directed approach, though continuing to see only partial results, you are a good candidate for the standard VIP Program I.

Those of you who have previously worked with other Acupuncturists or Herbalists and would like a second opinion on their Chinese Medicine Patterns are also good candidates. Engaging in a new Chinese Herbal Program Strategy designed by one of our expert Chinese Herbalists to attain health in healing can often give much needed insight. 

Those of who are brand new to TCM and overwhelmed with information, the uniqueness of the perspective and ideas, or simply unable to apply this knowledge to themselves by reading and researching can also benefit greatly.

Last, but not least, if your Chinese Medicine Patterns are escalating in intensity and beginning to approach the critical case level, you may want to seriously consider starting on the VIP Program I. 

On the flip side, if you have been on the VIP Program II Critical Case, and have achieved a level of stability and success you may want to consider the VIP Program I. This means you are experiencing consistent good health for 2 to 6 months  and no longer require the same level of intensity in VIP Program II Critical Case monitoring, you may also want to seriously consider stepping down to the VIP Program to maintain the progress they have achieved.

Who The VIP Program II Critical Case Is For

Our VIP Program II Critical Case is for those of you whose health concerns have entered into the critical stage. In this stage, immediate, intense and rapid Chinese Herbal Therapy is urgently needed as there is a major decline of health. In most cases, nothing else is working to improve the your state of health. This may mean for some of you having undergone rigorous testing only to come up empty with any type of diagnosis. The diagnosis would be useless in Chinese Medicine terms due its non-understanding of how the forces work within your body based on the severity of your Chinese Medicine Patterns due to a decline of numerous daily disharmonies.

We are not claiming to diagnose, treat or cure any biomedical disease whatsoever, and strictly operates within the bounds of Chinese Herbal Medicine.  

Most of the time, the Chinese Medicine Patterns that are existing in the VIP Program II Critical Case participants, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, are quite mature. This is likened to a large and developed oak tree with its roots deep in the soil. To complicate things further, there are often two, three, four or more oak trees with their roots interwoven together strengthening and complicating the condition. The process of re-balancing someone takes advanced discernment capabilities as well as knowledge in breakthrough Chinese Herbal Formulation Strategies along with close monitoring to ensure that the goal is being met through each stage.

If You Are Interested

This program starts at $10,000 a year. One of our expert Chinese Medicine Herbalists will closely work with you through the initial, in-depth consultation process to discern your personal  Chinese Medicine Patterns. They will then implement and monitor a specially designed customized Chinese Herbal Therapy Program throughout the year. A series of follow-up consultations will then occur to analyze changes and make any necessary augmentations to the Chinese Herbal Therapy Program. 

If you are interested, please on the button below to fill out our questionnaire. Once you have submitted the questionnaire one of our expert Chinese Herbalists will call you directly to discuss whether or not you would make a good candidate for our VIP Program II Critical Case. If so, the next steps and any questions that you might have will be discussed then.

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