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The following section is divided into four pieces:

  • Special Focus: Healing with Chinese Herbal Medicine
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Key Concepts in Healing with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Our Blog

Our blog is where we publish informative, clear and in-depth content. We strive to be continually relevant in your life, helping to clarify the many different ways that Chinese Herbal Medicine can benefit your health. Our blog is an important component in fulfilling this mission. To receive an email notification when new content is published, please be sure to sign up for our email list. By signing up we will also be able to notify you of sales and specials, too! To start read our blog now, click here!

Attaining Health & Healing Success with Chinese Herbal Medicine

At Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center, we pride ourselves on the incredible healing results we attain with our customers. There are keys to success that if present, can enable you to have a great experience. This section is where we devote our content to this very subject–the how, why, when and much more. To explore this subject, start here.

TCM Educational Resources

Four Deficiencies of Chinese Medicine

The Four Deficiencies is a great place to start learning about Chinese Herbal Medicine. They are simple and easy to understand, creating a clear picture of what happens when any one of The Four Treasures becomes damaged, becoming the four deficiencies. The Four Treasures are your Blood, Chi (which is your life-force energy), Yin (fluids and coolant system) and Yang (your metabolism). It might be strange at first to be learning about The Four Substances–three of which you may have never heard of. Just the same, this perspective is vitally important and has great value. Understanding these four processes of your body will greatly enhance your life and understanding of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

TCM Healing Methods Online Tour

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a large umbrella with many wonderful healing specialties within. Americans are becoming increasingly knowledgeable with these various methods, immensely benefiting their health on a daily basis. Perhaps you are one of these millions that have discovered the benefits of these various approaches within this valuable healing system! Whether or not you are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have put together this resource to help you learn more about it and it’s myriad of healing techniques. We explore Acupuncture, Acupressure, Tui Na, Tai Chi and a whole lot more! Please visit our TCM Healing Methods Online Tour to learn more!

*Under Construction!* Chinese Zodiac Health Profiles

This is a fun section where we dive into the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals and their dispositions towards health! Enjoy!

The Body Guide

Our Body Guide is simply…just…intense! Within it you will find a deeper exploration into the complex understanding of Chinese Medicine…but don’t worry, we have worked hard to simplify it! We dive into each of the key Five Organ Systems with the different dimensions that they present in your everyday life. From there you can read about commonly found Chinese Medicine Patterns and the daily disharmonies associated within each of them. If you wish to further filter through the content, you will be directed to formulas that can help balance the specific Chinese Medicine Pattern you are researching. Through this essential immersion into Chinese Medicine, you can begin to discover your inner-self in a new and important light. From there, you can begin to find the proper solutions to fit your health needs. It is in this way that our Body Guide is an extensive, thorough and practical resource at your disposal–and it’s for free!

Seasonal Buying Guides

Our Seasonal Buying Guides is closely linked to the Body Guide, but yet, takes a different approach in researching a solution that may fit your needs. What you may not know, is that each season is associated with a specific Chinese Medicine Organ System and specific Chinese Medicine Patterns. It can also be said that a particular Chinese Medicine Patterns s also a “seasonal state” of disease. For instance, when you are experiencing Liver Chi Congestion–which is all too common of a pattern with typical Daily Disharmonies such as:  increased amounts of stress, anger, anxiety, stiffness, digestives issues, IBS, PMS, neck and shoulder tension, headaches and depression–that you are in a blocked and stagnant Spring Seasonal state. We have compiled a listing of common Chinese Medicine Patterns that show up during the various seasons. If things have changed for you recently, you may want to look up what season you are currently in to discover if the season has any relevance to your current concern. You also may want to poke around and increase  Chinese Medicine knowledge base!

Informational Resources

Individual Chinese Herb Index

The advanced science of Chinese Herbal Formulations is based upon the depth-of-knowledge a Chinese Herbal Master has attained with each, individual Chinese Herb. This is the key reason as to why Chinese Herbal Medicine works so well in delivering lasting healing results. With this reasoning in mind–it is well worth the while focus on single, individual Chinese Herbs to discover their amazing properties and to understand the healing power potential within each one! Please visit our Individual Chinese Herb Index for various pages and blog articles that we’ve written that focus solely on a single, individual Chinese Herbs.

Product Comparisons Index

One of our on-going content projects is to compare our various products to help you learn the differences between our many different formulas–some of which are very similar. We feature formulas like Xiao Yao and Jia Wei Xiao Yao.  Please keep checking back here often to see what new content has been added Also, if you ever have a request, please let us know, and we may feature your question in our next newsletter!

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