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Our Chinese Herb Seasonal Buying Guide is closely linked to our Body Guide. It takes a different approach in researching for a solution that may fit your health issue needs based usually on your Chinese Medicine Patterns.

What you may not know is that each season is associated with a specific Chinese Medicine Organ System and specific Chinese Medicine Patterns. It can also be said that particular Chinese Medicine Patterns also related to a “seasonal state” of disease.

For instance, when you are experiencing Liver Chi Congestion–which is all too common of a Chinese Medicine Pattern with its associated Daily Disharmonies such as:

  • increased amounts of stress
  • anger
  • anxiety
  • stiffness
  • digestives issues
  • IBS
  • PMS
  • neck & shoulder tension
  • headaches
  • depression
  • inflammation
  • skin conditions
  • digestive pain
  • allergies
  • sharp pain
  • anti-social behavior…

–you can be in a blocked and stagnant Spring seasonal state.

We have compiled a listing of common Chinese Medicine Patterns that show up during the various seasons. If things have changed for you recently, you may want to look up what season you are currently in to discover if it has any relevance to your current concerns.

You also may just want to read through the next section to increase your health and longevity by taking the appropriate  Chinese Herbal Formulas coinciding with a specific season.

The Five Seasons

Liver Organ System – Spring Seasonal Guide

This is a great resource for learning more about your Liver Organ System.

Gallbladder Health Buying Guide

If you are interested in your Liver Organ System, you may also be interested in your Gallbladder Organ System also associated with the Spring Season.

Heart & Small Intestine – Summer Seasonal Guide

Ah! Those wonderful summer days! Yet, everything has a pro and a con, right?

Spleen & Stomach – Late Summer  Seasonal Guide

Thank you for your patience as we rebuild this content. It will be available again soon!

Lung & Large Intestine – Fall Seasonal Flu & Immune Network

Be prepared this Fall Season and stock up on your personal Chinese Herbal Medicine Cabinet with all of the important essentials!

Kidney & Bladder – Winter Seasonal Guide

Please visit this page to learn more about the importance of the Kidney Organ System and the Winter Season.

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