The Five Organ Systems Guide

This unique section of our website is devoted to the revealing of your Five Internal Organ Systems making Chinese Medicine so successful is understanding, identifying and treating health issues. At H&E CMHC we utilize this all-encompassing understanding of your internal organ systems to help identify multiple imbalances and miscommunication causing disease patterns.

The principles and interactions of your Five Internal Organ Systems is part of the beauty of Chinese Medicines’ theory when mapping something as ultimately complex as the human body. This is, by far, one of the most difficult, yet important subjects to comprehend when identifying Chinese Medicine Patterns and proper formula strategies.

While researching through the Body Guide you will immediately discover how this concept quickly builds upon itself and expands into a very complex system that is so flexible it can accurately describe and understand your individual and unique internal health systems. 

In this section you will learn about the Heart, Liver, Lungs, Kidney and Spleen Organ Systems. There is a section devoted to each of these internal organ systems. On the bottom of each section you will find a listing of common Chinese Medicine Patterns associated with its specific Internal Organ System. A Chinese Medicine Pattern is a specific description of an organ system imbalance based on Chinese Medicine Methodology utilizing Daily Disharmonies. Chinese Medicine Pattern discernment can literally describe the root cause of an illness. An example of a pattern would be Liver Blood Deficiency. You may find Daily Disharmonies listed next to any product on our website as bullet points.  

If you would like to learn more about Chinese Medicine Patterns, you will find a description of each listed along with its associated Daily Disharmonies under each of the Five Organ Systems. A Daily Disharmony is a health issue or imbalance that you may experience on a daily basis. Feel free to click on one of the daily disharmonies to see helpful Chinese Herbal Formulas.

Each individual Five Organ System page describes how a specific internal organ works from a Chinese Medicine perspective. You will also see how it relates and interacts with the other Internal Organ Systems creating either balance or an imbalance. At the base of each page you will find common Chinese Medicine Patterns of imbalance. You may click on these Chinese Medicine Patterns of imbalance to get even more information and find two important things:

1) Daily Disharmonies— they are just that, daily health issues that can be found within the Chinese Medicine Pattern. You can click on each, individual daily disharmony to find more Chinese Medicine Patterns that may also be related.

It takes three or more daily disharmonies to build a single Chinese Medicine Pattern. The Chinese Medicine Search link also found within the Research Solutions Tab has a long listing of single Daily Disharmonies with associated, suggested products. Examples of a daily disharmony would be: weak digestion,  chronic heartburn, chronic fatigue chronic, weak memory, red face, dry hair, brittle nails, insomnia, constipation…

2) You will also find products to promote, regulate or maintain specific Chinese Medicine Patterns of imbalance. This may be very helpful in finding the right products. Each Chinese Medicine Patterns has many products to choose from. Study the daily disharmonies listed as bullet points to help in making decisions on the different formulas.

Our body guide is designed to be the ultimate research tool. We hope you enjoy using it to learn more about the core theory of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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