When the Heart Blood is deficient many problems can result, especially those disharmonies associated with mental function. Since it is said that the Heart houses the mind, a lack of Blood could be the cause. The mind in this sense is not meant by the brain and logic ability, but more by consciousness and spirit. When the Heart Blood is deficient, the mind wanders, becomes scattered and the memory fails. Of course, numerous bio-medical heart disorders can be related to this Chinese Medicine Pattern. Some disharmonies would be: palpitations, pale complexion, pale mucous membranes [under eyelids, gums, tongue..] weakness, fatigue, excess fright, delirium, memory loss, dementia, inability to physically hold onto objects [dropping things], uncontrolled sweating, frequent urination, bed wetting…

Related Disharmonies For Heart Blood Deficiency

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  • Behavior, Lack of Motivation
  • Blood, Anemia
  • Circulation, Poor
  • Digestion: Belching, Flatulence
  • Digestion: Bloating or Abdominal Distention
  • Digestion: Pain After Eating
  • Digestion: Slow Processing or Peristalsis
  • Digestion: Tired After Meals
  • Dizziness: Chronic
  • Dreaming: Nightmares
  • Dreaming: Vivid, Colorful Dreams
  • Emotion: Burned Out
  • Emotion: Depression
  • Emotion: Increased Anxiety
  • Emotion: Tired Spirit
  • Energy: False Energy
  • Energy: Nervous, Excess
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Light-Headed
  • Menstruation: Absent Cycle
  • Menstruation: Light Flow
  • Menstruation: Short Menses (Lasting 3 Days or Less)
  • Mind: Decreased Cognition, Foggy
  • Mind: Memory, Decreased or Poor
  • Muscle: Bruise Easily
  • Muscle: Decrease, Undernourished
  • Muscle: Difficulty in Building Muscle Tissue and Strength
  • Skin: Dry, Flakey or Itchy
  • Skin: Pale Face or Complexion
  • Skin: Very Pale in Color
  • Sleep: Hard To Fall Sleep
  • Sleep: Restless, Toss and Turn
  • Temperature: Aversion to Cold
  • Temperature: Cold Hands and Feet

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