The Mother

The Spleen Organ System is considered the center or mother nourishing your internal organs by holding them into place. This can be compared with the sun’s gravity affecting the surrounding planets. The Spleen is known as the water pump focusing in on the body’s initial water metabolic state. It houses the intelligence, controls appetite and the digestive function of extracting micro-essence from food and water, regulates the immune system, builds blood, nourishes the muscles, controls the blood within the vessels, promotes fast wound and bruise healing conditions, is damaged by over-thinking/dwelling/pensiveness, is affected by the emotions of selfishness and selflessness and is damaged by dampness and cold. The Spleen Organ System assists in controlling over or under-weight patterns, has an upward, lifting energy, its season is late summer, is represented by the color of yellow and is associated with the flavor of sweetness. Since the Spleen is responsible for all of these functions, it is inadvertently responsible for nourishing all of your organs by supplying the Qi and Blood needed for them to fulfill their functions, much like a mother is responsible for nourishing their own household.


When your Spleen Organ System is weak, it can manifest in many different patterns leading to disharmonies such as slow or no muscle growth, lowered intelligence, a weak appetite or digestive ailments and usually water weight gain. An excellent formula to clear your Spleen of dampness and promote its regulating function would be the Golden Cabinet Digestion Formula.

Another great formula is Astragulas and Zizyphus Combination in Pill form also known traditionally as Gui Pi Wan. Gui Pi Wan’s approach is to tonify the initial digestion weakness that enabled the congestion to accumulate. There are also important herbs in Gui Pi Wan to nourish the Heart Organ System, which means this is a great formula to help insomnia and anxiety, or to just promote Heart health!

Other areas in regards to a weak Spleen Organ System may be related to joint pain, physical sluggishness, chronically tired or muscle aches and pain. Another advanced powerful Chinese herbal Formula may be the Six Gentleman Teapills tonifying your Spleen and Clearing Wetness from your body by enhancing the Qi and directing dampness downward. When your Spleen and Stomach Qi are properly maintained your body will be in good health.

Since the Spleen Organ System has a lifting energy, when deficient, it may be a source of physical organ prolapse or even emotional depression. A common pattern seen through the eyes of a Chinese Medicine, and as related to the Spleen, is Liver invading the Spleen in which the Liver will have an adverse affect on the Spleen. A very common formula used by many Chinese Herbal Practitioners in helping resolve this dis-harmonization is the Free, Easy & Relaxing Liver and Spleen Harmonizer Formula. This formula is based on Xiao Yao San [Relax or Ease Powder] with added Spleen tonic herbs. It is an excellent formula to take prior to a woman’s menstrual cycle to help relieve the suffering from bloating, gas, constipation, jaw tension, breast tenderness or for any person under a great deal of stress. The list is endless.

As a side note, another very common Chinese Formula related to Xiao Yao San is Jia Wei Xiao Yao San (Wan), also known as Free and Easy Wanderer Plus or Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan. It is the same formulation plus two, specially added Chinese Herbs: Mu Dan Pi (Moutan Root Bark) and Zhi Zi (Gardenia Flower) for the added purpose of removing Heat. Heat can manifest as acne, red facial features, burning (stomach, bowels…), inflammation, hot temper, anger, anxiety, insomnia and much, much more. This is an extremely popular Chinese Herbal Formula!

The Spleen’s direct correlation with thought, worry, intelligence and digestive processes can be present with anyone especially involved in the area of education or any position requiring a great amount of brain power — for example: research scientist, lawyers, teachers, computer programmers, paramedics and nurses. A prime example of Depleted Spleen Qi would be found at any local university. Combine incorrect eating habits with fast food and intense studying and the Spleen Organ System has been set up for depletion. Some suggested formulas that may be used to help correct this depletion may be: Six Gentleman Teapills, the Golden Cabinet Digestion Formula, Blood & Chi Power Formula or a Fire Of Life Kidney Yang Formula.


As described in the last paragraph, it is quite easy for very hard working and thinking people to deplete their Spleen Energy leading to decreased digestive capabilities and poor health. Since the Spleen is mother of the Lungs, which are in charge of Wei Qi or immune energy, its health has a direct relationship to your immune response. The Spleen is also the initial builder of Blood, breaking down the micro-essence of food and water so its optimum function is very important. Why is it that some people are sick all the time while others, in the same environmental situation, can avoid a pathogenic invasion? It may be in what they eat, and most importantly, how they digest and transform water and food. A formula that may be used to promote the immune system would be the Immune & Energy Enhancement Tonic.

The Spleen Organ System is also in charge of the exocrine and endocrine glands such as the: thyroid, pineal gland, pancreas, hypothalamus and lymph system. An important and delicate humeral and hormonal balance is supported and controlled by your Spleen Organ System. The importance of the health of these glands can easily be represented by your life health and longevity.

Related Spleen Organ System Disharmonies

Research the below Disharmonies on our Chinese Medicine Search

  • Weak digestion
  • Low appetite
  • Low energy[chronic fatigue]
  • Loose stools/constipation
  • Excessive dwelling
  • Weak or low muscle tone
  • Low immune
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Weak constitution
  • Shortness of breath or perspiration upon excretion
  • Post surgery, chemo/radiation or childbirth
  • Easily bruised skin
  • Slow healing process
  • Facial or body edema

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