A Modern Depiction of the Ancient Concept of Change, Opposites and Balance, Known as "Yin & Yang"

Based on the unique and advanced scientific theories of Chinese Herbal Medicine, and in order to promote and introduce new theories on health and dis-ease,  we thought it would be important to divide the concepts of Internal Deficiency into four, separate categories. That being: 

  • Blood
  • Chi
  • Yin
  • Yang

Can a person have a combination of Blood, Chi, Yin & Yang Deficiency in varying degrees?

The answer is yes.

Because these deficiencies can exist on multiple levels creating extreme complexities and with different degrees, they may take several years to both rebuild, and recover. Remember, that as with any Chinese Medicine concept, the idea of an internal deficiency must be viewed with a very open mind.

We would like to share these deficiencies by listing daily disharmonies as an important insight to better understand your health and what Chinese Herbal Formulas to purchase. Here are examples of the separate, four deficiencies. This list is not complete, but will give an excellent beginning frame work to use as a focal point to gain an understanding of your own, personal Chinese Medicine Patterns.

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