Barriers To Achieving Success, Ⅱ

Barriers To Achieving Success

Ⅱ: Beginning The Process of Breaching The Barriers – Chinese Medicine Patterns

First of all, in regards to Chinese Medicine, the most important knowledge you can ever have is a diagnosis of your personal, Chinese Medicine Patterns. This would equally include the importance of how of they are inter-relate to each other. 

Your personal, Chinese Medicine Patterns are built upon a collection of Daily Disharmonies. For instance, if you have dry hair, a weak memory and fatigue you could have a Chinese Medicine Pattern of Blood & Chi Deficiency.

Some Chinese Medicine Practitioners may say there is only one main Chinese Medicine Pattern when diagnosing a patient. This leads to a single course of action when creating a treatment strategy. This is akin to a chef who just cooks a roast first, finishing, and then moving on to the double baked potatoes.

A simultaneous, multi-tasking approach to balancing intertwined Chinese Medicine Patterns may be a better course of action. In fact, at Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center this has been our proven approach  from the start. This has been key to working with extremely difficult cases common to this modern age. 

Your body is extremely complex with intersecting problems [lines of connections] happening all at the same time. So…it is our uniquely advanced approach to work on multiple levels of your Chinese Medicine Patterns, simultaneously.

Even with this approach, different levels are going to be affected in the beginning while others are going to take much more time. This can mean numerous years to balance out. For instance, you may need to work on your digestion for a year or so [maybe much longer] while mildly working on your Kidney Organ System. Later on, and at an appropriate time, your Kidney Organ System can be treated with stronger and higher doses of formulas. This example is simple in its overview, but complex in its proper execution.

In conclusion, when balancing your body of it’s many, complex Chinese Medicine Patterns, a clear diagnosis is absolutely essential to achieving positive results when beginning a Chinese Herbal Medicine Strategy. A proper diagnosis is vitally important due to the fact that Chinese Herbal Formula Strategies are predicated upon this essential knowledge.

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