Taking Chinese Herbs Everyday, Ⅱ

Taking Chinese Herbs Everyday

Ⅱ: Constitutional Tendencies & You

One great approach in integrating daily Chinese herbal therapy into your life, is to focus on your common constitutional issues. For instance, in Chinese Medicine methodology there are numerous Chinese Medicine Patterns. By understanding your more basic tendencies, you can consistently nurture those points, bringing you back into consistent and continual balance.

For instance, what if you have the Chinese Medicine Pattern of Liver Qi Congestion?

There are different degrees of Liver Qi Congestion. They can exist on a very minor level to a very severe one. Most people seek out help when it is severe, but Liver Qi Congestion almost always starts small. At a minor level, a person may experience intermittent mood swings, minor neck and shoulder tension that only shows when they are stressed, and perhaps some slight gastric bloating.

Then there is severe Liver Qi Congestion, which can show as extreme PMS, mood swings, emotional states with severe neck and shoulder tension. Perhaps there is even back pain, extreme constriction of the chest and feeling of oppression and pressure. Sometimes it can feel like there is a rubber band around their chest. Also, extreme bloating and digestive issues are almost always present along with an inability to digest fruits manifested through loose stools with undigested food.

I have described two different levels of the same pattern that can be treated with the same Chinese Herbal Formula. Let’s say you have come to Heaven & Earth CMHC for balancing the severe version of Liver Qi Congestion, and after intense herbal therapy, it has been resolved. What happens next? Does that mean you should stop taking the Chinese herbs that benefited you so greatly?

Of course not! This is likened unto a person who has lost 30 lbs by working hard at the gym. Why would they stop going?

You could try continuing with the herbal formula that healed you, or take a more generic version of that formulation. For instance, a very common remedy for Liver Qi Congestion is a classic formula known as Xiao Yao Wan (the “xi” is pronounced as “she”). By the way, “wan” means teapill, “san” means powder, and “tang” means tea or concoction. Most brands will manufacturer this product, all with slight differences in herbal composition or even in different forms, like teapill, powder, capsule or whole-herb formulas from which a tea can be made out of.

This particular formula can be used on an ongoing basis. You can take it monthly, you can take it every other day or every three days. You can take more as needed when you’re especially stressed or a small amount daily as a preventive measure.

At Heaven and Earth CMHC, we have created a great version of this herbal formula named Free, Easy & Relaxing Harmonize Liver & Spleen Formula in the pure whole, raw herb form so you can get the greatest benefit from the herbs in which you can make a powerful tea. Do you always have to take it as a tea?


You can order any of our specialized, Heaven and Earth CMHC Chinese Herbal Formulas in a powder form to make a draft [add 8 ounces boiling water to 1-2 teaspoons of powder and let sit for 5 minutes, then drink] which is a great way to take Chinese herbs. You can easily control the strength of the tea–making it stronger or less potent as desired–and it’s a much easier way to store it. Of course you can have us make the formulas into capsules as well. Capsules are great for convenience and using the Chinese herbs on a more maintenance level.

So often in our culture, we think we need to take medicine when we are very ill, but Chinese herbs do not apply! Why, you ask? Because despite their ability to heal, they are not really a “medicine”, not in the way we typically think of medicine, that is. Chinese herbs are super foods and function on very different and multiple levels.

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