Constitutional Tendencies & You, Ⅰ

Constitutional Tendencies & You

Ⅰ: Your Unique Traits

What traits might you possess that makes you unique?

Are you the quiet and reserved introvert? 

Or are you the outgoing and expressive extrovert? 

Perhaps you are a person who is a nurturer, taking great care of those whom you love. 

Do you often forget about yourself? 

Or perhaps you have great leadership skills, but you have a hard time connecting one-on-one with people on a personal level?

What about your unique physical traits?

Everyone has specific, physiological tendencies. Maybe you run warm, or maybe cool? Maybe you are a person of high energy with bouts of anxiety? 

Perhaps you are the opposite, where your energy tends to run on the lower side. This may make you a seemingly calm and collected person. Or maybe you are just somewhere in between? One thing is for sure…you are unique!

Did you know that these unique tendencies, which can all be linked to a deeper root cause, could be an illuminating factor in helping to provide answers to physiological problems?

Please read this statement again!!

The in-depth philosophy of Chinese Medicine is outstanding when attempting to understand these personal tendencies. Through this incredible perspective, you can understand the “WHY” behind these experiential states of being.

Equally important is when you begin to understand the “WHY” you will to grasp the larger health ramifications. This can help to predict possible future consequences based on these constitutional tendencies.

With this knowledge you can help plan and prepare for a healthier future. Knowing your personal, constitutional tendencies is essential when choosing the proper Chinese Herbal Formulas. The sooner you begin to create internal balance, you can help in warding off a potentially unhealthy roadway of  issues that you may be [unknowingly] traveling down.

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