Constitutional Tendencies & You, Ⅱ

Constitutional Tendencies & You

Ⅱ: How do you personally fit in, and what can you do about it?

To start with, you may have a combination of Blood, Chi, Yin or Yang Deficiency in varying degrees. With this is mind, the depth and complexities of mixed Chinese Medicine Deficiency Patterns may take years to rebuild and recover.

It is important to keep in mind that:

  • lifestyle
  • diet
  • past medical history
  • environment
  • emotions
  • stress levels
  • external physical training
  • sleep patterns
  • and internal training (chi exercises)

are all major contributing factors in the building and recovery of any of the Four Deficiencies.

With years of chronic health problems, Chinese Medicine Deficiency Patterns become deeper and more embedded. They are many times missed, not addressed and subsequently, not treated.

For instance, you may have chronic skin issues that are heat related and you may be taking some type of clearing, cooling Chinese Herbal Formula. It may help for a while, but the problem seems to always return. Once again, the WHY is key to unlocking long-term results. This is where the knowledge, differentiation and final treatment of a particular Chinese Medicine Deficiency Pattern will prove to be invaluable.

To begin this critical level of understanding, we have divided the Four Deficiencies by listing them with their associated Daily Disharmonies as an important insight to better understand your health and what Chinese Herbal Formulas to purchase.

This will give you a beginning framework to use as a focal point to gain an understanding of your own, personal Chinese Medicine Deficiency Patterns. We are barely scraping the surface here, but what is important is that you can easily see the differentiation of deficiencies. This will lead to a better understanding and ability to research the proper Chinese Herbal Formulas. You can then begin an on-going, long-term therapy program.

Chronic Problems…Need Help!

If you are suffering with chronic health issues and are too overwhelmed or confused on how to diagnose your own, personal Chinese Medicine Deficiency Patterns you may be interested in an in-depth consultation with one of our experienced Chinese Medicine Herbalists. They can help you by creating proper, customized Chinese Herbal Formula combinations. They can discern your personal Chinese Medicine Patterns and then create a long-term, Chinese Herbal Medicine Program. With a personal, in-depth consultation and a one-on-one relationship the Chinese Herbal Formulas can be augmented as changes occur for a long-term health and longevity.

If you are not interested in a consultation, but do have any questions on our many, balanced, proprietary Heaven & Earth CMHC Chinese Herbal Formulas please do not hesitate to contact us @ 1-888-649-2182.

We can answer questions on dosage, general guidance on formula combinations and long-term usage. There is a limitation on general formula guidance since the knowledge of your personal Chinese Medicine Patterns is a pertinent factor.

Please note – All of our Heaven & Earth CMHC Chinese Herbal Formulas comes in two different forms. As a super-refined, concentrated powder to make into a daily tea or in convenient capsule form.

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