Taking Chinese Herbs Everyday, Ⅰ

Taking Chinese Herbs Everyday

Ⅰ: Why it’s Important


Taking Chinese Herbal Formulas every single day!


Yes, you can and should take Chinese Herbal Formulas every single day! Just like it’s recommended to eat healthy, get adequate sleep and workout daily, Chinese Herbal Formulas should be a part of your daily health regimen.

Does this mean you’re sick all the time?


All too often, many of you have been conditioned to believe that a medicine should only be taken only after you’ve become sick. “Sick” by most people’s definition is often viewed as an extreme level of ill health.

Yet, a lesser type heath issue, that we have termed as Daily Disharmonies, are commonly overlooked and should very well be addressed with Chinese Herbal Formulas.

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Some examples are:

  • general fatigue
  • tired, bloating, nausea after eating
  • chronic constipation
  • dry, flaky skin
  • chronic low grade fevers
  • insomnia
  • bleeding gums
  • dry, red or burning eyes
  • sugar cravings
  • inflammation
  • chronic illnesses
  • slow, or non-healing wounds
  • chronic infections
  • low to no motivation

As you can see with the list above, Chinese Herbal Formulas are not just something to take when you are sick. They can fortify your body, strengthening and enabling it to do things that you couldn’t do before. Perhaps they can help you do things you never have been able to do in your life.

Who doesn’t need support like that every single day?

This is the true definition of a preventive medicine. Taking specific Chinese Herbal Formulas as a preventive medicine can focus on fortifying your body, making it harder for ill-health in all of it’s forms, to penetrate it.

Strengthening your digestion, fluids, tissues, metabolism and more for the purpose of optimizing your health can truly help you to feel great every single day. That is our true goal at Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center.

What a revolutionary concept!

Truly, there are many things in life that function this way. For instance, darkness cannot exist if there is light. You cannot push away darkness. You cannot control it. The only way you can change darkness is by bringing more light into your environment.

That is what disease is. Disease is darkness, and health the light. The only way you can truly control disease is by bringing in more light, more health, more vibrancy and more strength.

That is what Chinese Herbal Formulas can do for you [and your pets!] and that is why they need to be a part of your daily health regimen.

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