Taking Chinese Herbs Everyday, Ⅳ

Taking Chinese Herbs Everyday

Ⅳ: A Personalized Focus – Unraveling The Complex

At Heaven and Earth CMHC many of our customers will find, or contact us after they’ve visited or worked with other modalities desperately in search of health issue answers. 

Many times their health issues are severe and no one up this point has truly come up with a clear reason for their condition.

For this reason, we call ourselves the caboose.

The main problem usually is that their Chinese Medicine Patterns are complex and at their deepest–which translates into requiring a proper Chinese Herbal Formulas Strategy Program to re-balance their body.

With complex, Chinese Chinese Medicine Patterns inter-mingling, an you can experience severe problems that may easily require a long-term Chinese Herbal Formulas Strategy Program.

With this in mind, for every 7-10 years that the Chinese Medicine Pattern has persisted, we estimate that you will need at least one year of Chinese Herbal Formula Therapy. 

So, if your condition has persisted for 35 years, you can estimate that it will take approximately 3.5-5 years of consistent Chinese Herbal Formula Therapy to re-balance your body.

In these cases, an in-depth, personal consultation [VIP Consultation Program] must be performed to discern which Chinese Medicine Patterns of imbalance are present. Once your complex patterns have been discerned by an experienced Chinese Medicine Herbalist, a customized Chinese Herbal Formula Strategy Program can be created.

This type of in-depth, personalized treatment program will vary with time as the customized formulas are augmented to changes and balancing of your Chinese Medicine Patterns. They will be adjusted and fine tuned as you move through and experience the five, different seasons. This include accommodating the regular stresses of life and to support overall changes as reflected with quarterly, follow-up consultations. It is essential to stay on the Chinese Herbal Formula Strategy Program until the patterns are finally brought back into balance. This can be a process of several years.

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