Loose, Bloody Stools, Ⅴ

Loose, Bloody Stools

Ⅴ: Possibility #2: Fire in the Blood

The element of heat/fire can many times be involved because “fire makes the blood run wild.” This may also cause chronic nosebleeds, bruising, bleeding gums [many times a yin deficiency pattern], slow healing wounds, easy bruising, long or heavy menstrual cycles or internal bleeding problems [vascular].

Cooling the blood, cooling a specific Organ System, building blood, unblocking blood stagnation or replenishing Yin [or all the above!] may be necessary Chinese Herbal Treatment Programs. Once again, a proper Chinese Medicine Diagnosis can be worth its weight in gold.

Since the element of heat may very well be involved, a strong smell and possibly pus and infection may be present requiring toxin clearing Chinese Herbs. 

Our Major Intestinal Detox Formula was created for this exact problem as it clears heat, infection, mucous and pus. Another couple formulas to consider would be our Cool the Fire Stomach and Heart Formula and Drain the Fire [damp heat in the lower burner] Formula.

Heart palpitations could be associated with both blood loss and the element of excess fire. Lastly, blood in the stool, as with any disharmony, can come from many different Chinese Medicine Patterns [or combinations of]. As with the first part of this article, a cold condition may be the cause of blood loss. Knowing your Chinese Medicine Patterns [in my humble opinion] may be the most important knowledge you may ever possess.

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