Your Pet’s Health & Chinese Herbal Powders, Ⅱ

Your Pet’s Health & Chinese Herbal Powders

Ⅱ: Listing of Possible Combinations of Pet Health Support Powders

It is possible to combine our Pet Health Powder products to give your pet that extra support! Check out these possible combinations below to get an idea as to how the different powders can be used. By the way, cats can also use our dog powders too!

Elderly Pets

In situations where you have an elderly pet, you can use all three powders together, but so their digestion doesn’t get overloaded, you can lessen the frequency of doses to give a well-rounded and balanced approach.

Recovering from Surgery or Post-Partum

Recovering from Any Traumatic Injury

Preventive Health Solutions for Younger Pets

In this case, the formulas are used to support all organ function for optimal health in the present, help maintain that optimum health level in the future, and longevity.



Hot Spots, Skin Irritations, Infections or Wounds

Hot Spots or other skin irritation issues are typically the result of an excess of “heat” that the body has not been able to neutralize and control. These products will help bring the body back into balance.

Topical Treatment

Internal Treatment


Pale, Dry, Crusty Nose

Goopy Eyes

If the dog is also elderly, anemic, weak, very tired or with a low immune add:


Allergies are also considered to be an excess problem, usually where heat is in the mix and a major contributing factor. It is vital that the immune be supported with cool and nurturing herbs.

Topical Treatment (if necessary)

Internal Treatment


Topical Treatment (if necessary)

Internal Treatment

If digestive issues are also present, you may want to consider adding: 

Foul Breath

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