Taking Chinese Herbs Everyday, Ⅲ

Taking Chinese Herbs Everyday

Ⅲ: Taking Chinese Herbs Seasonally

Another great way to take Chinese Herbal Formulas is based on the yearly seasons. That would be Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall & Winter.

Wait a minute, did I just add a 5th season in there?

I certainly did.

Chinese Medicine recognizes the transitional time between Summer and Fall as Late Summer

Late Summer has a character of its own in how it effects your body. It is the time of harvest and when intense Fire related health issues occur.

Your body is interactively connected to each separate season. This is much like its connection to the natural flow of day/light and night/darkness (also known as the circadian rhythm).
Much in the way your body follows the natural processes throughout the day or night, it also follows the natural processes through out the yearly seasons, and it is wise to nurture this process.
With the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine you may understand which of your organ systems are either being supported or controlled during specific seasons.
For instance, the controlled model of the organ systems can be viewed as the Water Element [Kidney & Bladder Organ System] tempering the Fire Element of your Heart & Small Intestine Organ System.
Building and supporting your Kidney Organ System during the Winter season can help when the Heart/Fire or Summer and Late summer seasons comes around.
Please visit our Chinese Herb Seasonal Buying Guide for further research on the utilization proper Chinese Herbal Formulas during each season.

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